Poultry Business Plan


  • Complete poultry farming business plan
  • With 3 years financial analysis
  • Can be used to source funding from commercial banks, investors and government agencies.
  • Enjoy 50% discount
  • Helps you to define a clear success path for your business


Are you a young entrepreneur and desire to start a business in the agriculture industry by venturing in the rearing, production and selling of poultry meat?  then you have made a good decision.

A poultry farming business is a lucrative business and according to a 2019 statistics, poultry meat produced in Nigeria was 239,947 tonnes. This is to show that there is an demand for poultry meat in Nigeria and it is bound to grow further, so this is the right time to start your own poultry business.

But do you know that entrepreneurs in the agric industry often struggle to get funding?, the simple reason is due to lack of business planning. No investor or commercial bank will give money to any entrepreneur who they don’t know how they will recover.

Having a professionally written business plan will enhance your chances of getting outside funding for your business.

This is why we have created a standard poultry farming business plan with 3 years financial analysis.



  • Time Saving: Creating a business plan from scratch can be overwhelming and time consuming, our professionally written business plan will allow you to focus on other important aspect of your business without worrying about spending days on a new business plan.
  • Cost Effective: A standard business plan cost up to #100,000, but you will get this poultry business plan only at a fraction of that amount.
  • Business Road Map: It will help you to define and have a clear path for success in place for your business.


What is included in the Business Plan

It’s a complete business plan and contains the following:

1)      Table of Contents

2)      Executive Summary: The summary includes introduction, products and services description, marketing and sales among others

3)      Company Overview: this includes

a.       Mission Statement

b.      History and Current Status

c.       Markets and Products

d.      Objectives

e.      Keys to success

4)      Product or Service description: Where I describe the different poultry products which include chicken, eggs and waste.

5)      Industry and Market Analysis

a.       Introduction

b.      Industry analysis

c.       Market analysis

d.      Customer analysis

e.      Competitor analysis

f.        SWOT Analysis

6)      Marketing Strategy

a.       Target Market Strategy

b.      Product/Service Strategy

c.       Pricing Strategy

d.      Distribution Strategy

e.      Advertising and Promotion Strategy

f.        Sales Strategy

g.       Marketing and saleS Forecasts

7)      Operations

a.       Operations Strategy

b.      Scope of Operations

c.       Operating Expenses

8)      Development

a.       Development Strategy

b.      Development Timeline

c.       Development Expenses

9)      Management

a.       Company Organization

b.      Management Team

c.       Administrative Expenses

10)   Summary of Financials

a.       Financial Assumptions

b.      Financial Forecasts

i.      Projected Cash Flow

ii.      Income statement

iii.      Balance sheet

iv.      Profit and loss

v.      Profit Margin, chart etc

c.       Financial Risks

11)   Appendices

Support for Product/Service Description (e.g., diagrams, pictures, etc.)

Financial Statements

·         Income Statement [3 years]

·         Balance Sheets [3 years]

·         Cash Flow Statements [3 years]

·         Ratio Analysis [3 years]

·         Other supporting financial statements


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NOTE: The business plan will be sent in MS-Word, while the financial plan will be in Excel.

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