5 best businesses to do in Nigeria after retirement: business after retirement guide

Buying a car or building a house with your gratuity won’t continue to bring you money after retirement. Let’s plan your retirement together so that you can stay rich and happy for the rest of your life after you retire. Read this business after retirement guide

As a civil servant or a private worker, when you are very close to retirement you should have a set up plan or business already if you don’t plan on leaving the country as most people find other countries better than Nigeria. It is not after you retire that should start thinking of what to do with your life. After retirement, all you should do is travel around and enjoy the rest of your life while you manage and expand your business.

if we won’t deceive ourselves, the economy has no plan for us after we retire as most people die before getting their gratuity, so it is wise for us to work very hard and save enough money, invest and plan for our retirement. There are many profitable businesses to venture into that can fetch us some dough to maintain ourselves for the rest of our lives, we will be looking at 5 of such businesses.

5 best businesses to do in Nigeria

Businesses to do after Retirement

Agriculture: Overall best business after retirement

This is the best business after retirement in Nigeria. The best way to do define agriculture is that it is the cultivation of land and rearing of animals for man use. Agriculture is the largest sector of the economy and almost everyone practice agriculture in Nigeria whether as peasant farming or mechanized farming i.e either in small scale or large scale.

Every Nigerian have practiced farming in one way or the other so this would be a very easy business to start. you can decide to go for the most demanding farm produce which is pepper and tomato, also breeding of fishes or treating of animals like goat and pig also fetches a lot of money. It is left to you to decide which aspect you want to go into as any business you choose to do relating to agriculture will make you a millionaire.


Any business that has to do with food is highly lucrative because people cannot do without eating. People don’t joke with food as it sustains them and gives them more energy to work. You don’t need to look for customers when it has to do with this business, customers will look for you once you set up your eatery and make it look good, deliver the best customer service and hire competent cooks who can make delicious meal and also create different styles with food. Then you’re good to go.

Sale of Raw Food

This is one business after retirement you will enjoy doing. Raw food fetches more money nowadays most especially rice, even our lovely made rice is expensive talk more of foreign rice. The price of beans too has suddenly elevated. imagine making 50 percent profit on the sale of just ten bags of rice and beans, that would be a very huge amount.

Once you start this business, I’m sure you would open different branches in few months. When starting this business, you should consider the population of where to get a shop as more people attracts more profit.

Book Writing

You can become a writer by writing on the different experience you have had throughout your years in service. E-book will bring more money than manuals as people tend to read more online rather than buy books to read


Gone are the days when fuel stations were the business of the day. Lounge is a very good business to go into as many people would want to find a good place to relax after work especially during weekends. Lounge does not only provide a space for relaxation, but also other small side businesses like grilling, making barbeque, selling alcohol and many others.

You can decide to sell double the normal price with the rules that no one brings drink but buy in the lounge. You can bring in the services you know would be needed by your customers.

There are a lot of businesses one can always do to make money while working and after retirement, this article has been able to help by bringing the best 5, choose any of these business and become a millionaire.

Final Words On Business After Retirement in Nigeria

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