Access Bank Swift Code For International Wire Transfer

In this writeup, you will learn about the correct Access Bank Swift Code or BIC for international wire transfer.

If you have an interest in receiving a bank wire from a foreign country into your Access bank account, then you need to know the SWIFT code or BIC for Access Bank Nigeria.

This will make sure you have a smooth transfer of funds from a foreign destination into your local bank account. In fact, most international institutions or individuals will find it difficult to process your payments /transfer if valid swift code or BIC is not provided.

SWIFT is what provide a network that will enable financial institutions worldwide to send and receive information about financial transactions in a well secured, standardized and in a reliable environment.

The term SWIFT and BIC?

BIC which means Bank Identifier Code and SWIFT which stands for Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications are the only means of having safe transactions globally.

Both terms are actually very long, that is why most people prefer using the Acronyms, SWIFT and BIC.

How is Swift Code being used?

The swift code works like this: when an individual transfers money, they will have to go to their bank with the recipient at the other end banking SWIFT code and an international account number. The local bank which you operate will then have to send a SWIFT message to the recipient’s bank to accept the transfer.

Access Bank SWIFT Code

All Access Bank branches use ABNGNGLA as SWIFT Code.  The code is valid for all access bank branch, it does not matter the branch in which you opened your Access Bank account.

Be rest assured that Since Diamond and Access Bank have now merged, it means all previous Diamond bank customers will also have to use the same Swift Code.

Details of the SWIFT Code is as follow;

Company Name:              Access Bank Nigeria


Head office:       Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

Official Website:     

Institution type:               Commercial Bank

Several times people ask questions about the SWIFT code or BIC of access bank branch near them or the swift for the branch at which they opened the account. The truth is that, all access bank branch in totality here in Nigeria either in Abuja, Lagos Enugu, Edo, Akwa Ibom and every part of Nigeria must use ABNGNGLA as their swift code

Information to note

Most times, you may need to provide other information, depending on the currency you’ll transfer your funds in.

You will have to provide an Intermediary bank name in order to complete foreign transactions.

Access Bank BIC Code Summary

A SWIFT code is a code used for identification the country, bank branch that an account is registered to. The format of how Access Bank swift code details look are mentioned above. It is very free flow and swift to send money through swift code.

Every bank has their particular swift code, you’ll be required to input a swift code before making an international transfer, so it is a good thing to know the swift code of your bank.

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