Accion Microfinance Bank: Everything You Need To Know

Accion Microfinance Bank

Accion Microfinance Bank is one of the major leading and lending financial institutions in Nigeria that has shown its part in intensifying financial situations by being supportive to Nigerians in every facet of endeavors.

Accion MFB was implanted in the year 2006, nevertheless set out its transactions in May 2007 having authorized by the central bank (CBN) to function within the rank of microfinance bank in the country.

However, Accion Microfinance Bank has a governing body that constitute experienced and purpose driven professionals across the aspect of financing, therefore being merited as one of the major microfinance banks in the Country.

Accion MFB Owner

Mr. Taiwo Adesina Joda is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Accion Microfinance Bank. Taiwo Joda tracks the bank in its Operation to deliver value and the best of results to its clients, and shareholders.

Accion MFB Loans And Interest Rates

Accion Microfinance Bank has several and assorted types of loans configured to meet clients necessities. Accion MFB loan types and requirements include;


  1. Brighta Loan: This is an instant loan fashion towards helping traders to boost their business. The minimum loan amount obtainable is N50,000 and maximum is set at N500,000 and repayment of loan amount is due for a maximum of 3 months. Interest rate of Accion Brighta Loan is 8% per month.


  • Customer must not have an active loan
  • Customer must have a BVN
  1. My Own Loan: This loan is fashioned to scale up personal businesses with easy application procedure and competitive interest rate.


  • Account Opening Required
  • Viable business
  • Prove of business ownership and experience
  • Guarantor
  • Any document requested by the organization
  1. My Own Loan Plus: For existing loan clients that want to scale up their businesses. This debt plan has a reduced interest rate for non- defaulters.


  • Account Opening Required
  • Viable business
  • Prove of business ownership and experience
  • Guarantor
  • Any document requested by the organization
  1. PayGo Loan: For a quick financial support to execute for turn-over for a fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), this loan is for you. Interest rate of this loan is based on approved loan limit.


  • Prove of Owner and experience
  • Viable Business
  • Account opening and proper documentation
  • MSM Entrepreneurs with 12 months experience
  1. People living with disability loan: By any means you live with disability or knows anyone who is, but active economically, Accion MFB fashioned this package to serve their purpose. Interest rate is very low.


  • Proforma statement of asset of choice
  • Must have to open an account
  • Prove of business ownership
  • Guarantor
  • Prove of account viability
  1. My Agent Loan: This loan is meant for present customers. The access to loan is very easy and short term with low interest rate based on your first cycle repayment rate.


  • Must be an existing customer
  • Rating and score must stand at AA or A in past loan repayment
  • Business must be viable
  • Guarantor is needed

Accion MFB Branches

The Accion Microfinance Bank have 18 branches across the country. The Branches and locations are as follows;

Branch                                                 Operating Branch                 Operating Address

Apongbon Branch                                  Oke Arin Branch                    20 Ijaye Street, Oke-Arin, Lagos.

Kola Branch                                            Oke Odo Branch                      437 Lagos Abeokuta Express

Iju Ishaga Branch                                    Agege Branch                          2Ashake House, 223 Old Lagos

Command Cash Center                          Baruwa Branch                         154 Ipaja Road, Baruwa, Ipaja.

Oju-Ore Branch                                      Sango Branch                           46 Ijoko Road, Ota, Ogun.

Aleshinloye Branch                                 Dugbe Branch                          22 Adekunle Fajuyi Road Ibadan.

Oja Oba Branch                                      Akure Branch                           123, Akarale Road, Ondo State

New Benin 1/2 Branch                           Sakponba Branch                     24 Sakponba Road, Benin

Ahia Ohuru Branch                                 Cemetary Branch                     20 Cemetery Road, Aba


Accion Microfinance Bank Salary Structure

Accion MFB has a well-structured salary plan for their staff and it’s way higher compared to other microfinance banks in the country. The Salary Structure is as follows;

  • Account officer: Receives N83,000 monthly
  • Graduate trainee: Receives N50,000 monthly
  • Part time CSO: Receives N150,000 per annum

Accion MFB Customer Care Contact

The organization Customer care can be linked with via +234 1 2719326  or 07000222466 and you can leave an e-mail for them through [email protected]


Accion fits to the advanced ethical regulations by applying fairness, probity and reciprocal respect in all they do with the leaders pledged to an attitude and culture of positively influencing the state of affairs around both as an organization and individually through their people.

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