How To Borrow Money From Airtel Loan in 2021 | Check Eligibility

This article will teach you how to borrow money from Airtel loan in 2021. The process is very easy and simple. All you need is your phone and registered Airtel SIM.

Most of us can testify to how painful it is to lack airtime/data, when it is needed the most. Airtime/Data is needed to reach our loved ones; for educational purposes, most importantly to perform business transactions.

How to borrow money from airtel

For example, you might need to reach a business partner on phone and as a result dial his/her number. The heartbreaking period is when you hear – Dear Customer, your account balance is low!.. From experience, you should know what this feels like.

For those who have smartphones, the next thing that comes to your mind is to message them on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.…What if you are out of data also? Two options gone..Is there any other alternative? Of course, there is!

You either proceed to a call centre to buy airtime, or do top-up directly from your Bank account.

But what if there is no cash at hand or at bank? Then all options are not feasible or and all come down to one last thing!

Borrow!! Unlike some network providers who do not lend their subscribers airtime/data, Airtel does so at a very cheap rate. You were surprised I said “Cheap”? Yeah, cheap!

That is, a form a payment will be made. Borrowing airtime is just like taking loan from a bank and paying back later with an interest.

But, there is a difference between the two. I will show you in the next paragraph.

Unlike borrowing from a bank, Airtel lends you airtime or data and deducts the interest from the loan amount. That is, when it is time to repay, you will pay the borrowed amount back without any interest on it.

However, the interest rate Airtel charges borrowers is very small compared to that of other Network Service Providers. I will reveal the interest rate of Airtel to you later in the this article. Continue reading.

Also, you might have heard about Airtel Borrow Me, but the problem is, you might not know how it is being done.

So, this article will teach you how to borrow money from Airtel within 1 minute. The process is absolutely easy and glitch-free.

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What is the Code to Borrow Money From Airtel?

To borrow airtime/data from Airtel, there is a code you will dial on your phone(android, non android, iOS, windows, iPad). After dialing this code, then you will be able to process your airtime/data loan.


The code used to borrow Money from Airtel(airtime or data) is *500#. This code is compatible with any device. As long as your phone can dial numbers, then you are good to go.

However, there are requirements that you must meet to enable you request for a loan on Airtel Network. This is called the Eligibility.

In the next subheading, I will show you the requirements you must meet to make you eligible for quick borrowing.

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Eligibility to Borrow Money from Airtel Loan

You can check if you are eligible to borrow money from Airtel by dialing a short code, and following the on-screen prompts. The process is;

  1. On your Airtel SIM, Dial *500#
  2. Select Option “1”, Eligibility and Help
  3. Reply with “1” for Eligibility
  4. After that, you will receive an on-screen message which contains the amount of airtime/data you can borrow on your Airtel line. See the image below.

How to borrow money from Airtel

If you are eligible to borrow, the next thing is to go ahead to borrow the airtime/data

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How to Borrow Airtime

If you are short of airtime, and wish to borrow airtime, then you should follow this simple procedure;

  1. Dial *500#
  2. Select Option “2”Borrow creditFinancial Expert
  3. You will receive a list of the amounts you can borrow. Enter the corresponding number of the amount you want to borrow.

If you feel this method is quite long or complicated, then just dial *500*amount#. For example, if you are borrowing N200, then simply dial *500*200#, and you will get the borrowed airtime in your balance immediately.

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How to Borrow Data

If you need quick data on your smartphone, and wish to borrow, simply follow these steps;

  1. Dial *500#
  2. Enter no. 3 – Borrow DataFinancial Expert
  3. You will get a message which contains the amount of data you can borrow and its Naira equivalent.


  • A service charge of 15% applies to all airtime/data loans. For instance, if you are borrowing an airtime worth N200, then you will b e charged N30. Therefore, you will receive a sum of N170 in your Extra Airtime Balance
  • All Loans must be repaid within 72 hours of borrowing.

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