Broiler farming is highly lucrative and marketable in Nigeria as it has a lot of benefits. Check out guides on how you can successfully start a broiler farming business.

Poultry farming is super profitable in Nigeria. Even certain policies of the Federal government have greatly assisted poultry farmers by bringing about greater profit as the demands seem to be growing regularly. If you are interested in starting poultry farming in Nigeria, then, this article is for you.

In starting a poultry farm, it is better to focus on a particular niche. Below are some of the niches in poultry farming:

BROILERS BREEDING: Rearing of chickens for the purpose of meat production.

LAYERS BREEDING: Rearing of chickens for the purpose of laying eggs.

HATCHERY: Rearing chickens for the purpose of hatching new chicks.

NOILER BREEDING: Rearing of chickens for eggs and meat production.


  • Commercial poultry farming provides employment opportunities for the unemployed.
  • It requires few maintenance
  • Also, the demand for poultry food is high. This is why poultry birds like chickens, turkeys, and more feed millions of homes every day
  • The marketing of poultry food is very easy
  • Additionally, poultry birds grow quite fast. For example, you can rear your chicken to maturity within 28 weeks and it is ready to be sold in the market. Also, it takes 21 days for a chicken’s eggs to hatch but you can shorten the hatch time by using an incubator.
  • Overall, the poultry business is an excellent business idea with a high return on investment.



Broilers are fast growing poultry breeds and they usually gain slaughter weight within a very short time by consuming a certain amount of food. Another popular type of broiler is the cockerel. However, cockerels grow slower than other breeds but very hardy and can survive in almost any type of environment.

Generally, farming is lucrative and broiler farming business is not left out. In fact, broiler farming is one of the most lucrative farming business you can think of. If you manage your farm very well. However, unlike other farming, It requires a lot of capital, attention and risk.


HIGH DEMAND: The demand for chicken meat far exceed the supply. This is the reason why chicken meat sellers still import chickens so as to augment for this shortage in supply and meet the high demand. So, there is an available market for your product.

GOOD SALES PRICE: Chickens are very expensive. A fully matured broiler sells for #4,000 to #4,500in Nigeria. This price range sometimes go up especially during festive periods like Christmas, Easter, Sallah and so on.

FAST MATURITY: Unlike snails. It takes chickens about 24 weeks to attain full maturity. This means that you can rear two sets of chickens within a year. Some farmers even sell their chicken after about 20 weeks. However, this often reduce the market price of such chickens.

HEALTHY SOURCE OF PROTEIN: Chicken meat is a healthy source of protein. In fact, health experts have confirmed it to be better than red meat. Hence, it increases demand.

PREPARATION OF DELICACIES: Chicken meat is used in the preparation of both local and intercontinental dishes. Thus, it is highly sort after by various homes, fast food and restaurants across the country.

EDUCATION: Starting a broiler farming business does not require any form of formal education. So, anybody can start and successfully run a broiler farm.


1. MARKET RESEARCH AND GOOD BUSINESS PLAN: For you to start and successfully run a broiler farming business, the first thing to do is to create a detailed business plan. And this can only be achieved after you have conducted a severe market research. A thorough market research will enable you to know your potential customers and competitors, where to get the right feeds, vaccines and every other items needed to start up at an affordable price. Also, a good business plan will ensure you remain focused in managing the business.

2. REGISTER THE BUSINESS: To ensure that your business becomes a legal entity and stand the chance of enjoying benefits accruable to such entities, you should register your broiler farm with the Corporate Affairs Commission.

3. FARM LOCATION: This is one of the major cost you will incur as broiler farming requires a reasonably large expanse of land. It must be situated outside residential area because of the offensive smell from most chicken farms. But you can cut cost by finding a location in a very remote rural area which will cost far less than the one close to the urban area.
Choosing a remote rural area is a good idea but you should ensure that the location also offers other benefits like the lower cost of labor. So, you should secure atleast a plot of land. Another factor to consider while siting your broiler farm is nearness to the target market. This goes a long way in minimizing transport cost.

4. HOUSING/CAGE SYSTEM: Basically, there are three housing system used in poultry farming. They are: free range system, battery cage system and deep litter system.

In the free range system, the birds are allowed to roam around and fend for themselves. This is mostly adopted by subsistence farmers. As managing a commercial farm using this system exposes the birds to risk.

In the battery cage system, the cages are constructed using metals. The cages are usually divided into different compartments. And each compartment houses a number of birds. The cages are also constructed to have feeding and water troughs while the bird droppings fall to the floor underneath. This system allows for a cleaner poultry environment. However, it is mostly ideal for layer breeding(egg production).

In the deep litter system, the chickens are reared in a room with concrete floor. However, the floor of the room is spread with saw dust or wood shavings. The saw dust serves as a cushion to the birds and prevents their droppings from sticking to the floor. The saw dust is changed on a regular basis usually by removing the saw dust.

This is the best and most widely used system for broiler farming. But in the event of disease outbreak, the system facilitate the spread of disease. This is because the birds are allowed to mix freely. However, adequate hygiene and regular vaccination of the bird reduces the chances of disease outbreak. So, the deep litter system is best for anyone who intend going into broiler farming.

While poultry farming is highly profitable, it is also demanding. Venturing into full time poultry farming is the best since you will personally supervise your birds because if you are planning on putting someone in charge, you are more likely to experience greater challenges as there have been reports of exploitation, negligence, and theft with this method. So it is up to you to decide the way to go and how you plan on handling your poultry. Also note that the amount of capital you invest into your poultry farming determines the success of the business.


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