Business Skills to Learn Within One Month in Nigeria

We all know that in most cases, the broader our skills, the greater our value in the job market. But the idea of learning new skills can be daunting, because no one has the time or money for that. This article brings you 10 skills you can learn within one month to build yourself and also increase your appeal to potential employers.

Meaning of skills

Skills are the expertise or talent needed in order to do a job or task. Job skills allow you to do a particular job and life skills help you through everyday tasks.

Without a regular job, a skill or capital to start an enterprise, you may keep waiting for people to put food on your table. Having at least a handwork is very essential in today’s world. You should have something to offer, you should have a service you are an expert at rendering. That is why it is important to acquire a skill today. It could be your last lifeline, who knows. That time you spend on unproductive things could be spent on something more relevant. If that activity won’t make you money right now or in the future, it’s best you limit the time spent on it. Even if you are a student, you don’t need to bother about the long time spent on apprenticeship, there are skills you can learn and perfect within one month and that’s exactly what this article is about.

Sellable skills are also a good addition to your CV, especially for job hunting graduates. It speaks a lot about you and your personality. It shows you are versatile and willing to learn. Unfortunately, these jobs are not even available. The job seekers are far more numerous than the available jobs, this is why you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket, make plans to acquire a skill today.

10 Profitable Business Skills You Can Learn Within One Month in Nigeria

10 easy lucrative skills you can learn within one month

1. Basic coding

Some of us have been wanting to learn to code for, like, a decade, and are never going to actually do so. But even basic coding will help you along in many jobs. It means that when something goes wrong with a CMS you don’t have to call the fire department (or a co-worker) and can just fix it yourself. It means you can make basic alterations to web pages, and more. And if you realize you’re great at it, then you can go on and become an expert. Learn basic coding online with Codecademy, and at many other places.

2. Web Design

The world is going digital. Almost every form of business transaction can be conducted online now. Nigeria is a country with high internet usage. Social media usage is also very high. A lot of firms are taking advantage of this by taking their business to customers online.

To do this, these firms need a website where their customers can interact and also check out and review products and services. This websites are built and designed by people like you. This skill can also be considered as it is easy to learn and very lucrative as well.

3. Website Building

Building websites is a valuable skill. Having your own website is a useful way to showcase your portfolio, application materials, writing, and more. And the ability to build sites will make you more attractive to managers in many industries. There are many website builders online, such as WordPress, through which you can teach yourself the basics for free – you can build a basic site in about an hour. Or you can learn to code one yourself step by step through Codecademy. This takes a little longer.

4.Conversational basics of a new language

Adding another language to your skills not only increases your value, it helps to keep your brain nubile and increases its efficiency. Not sure where to start? Duolingo is an amazing app through which you can learn new languages. Its fun and easy – and free. Choose a language that’s related to your mother tongue and see if you can develop basic conversational skills quickly.

5. Graphic Design

The services of a graphic designer is always highly in demand in both urban and commercial centers. This services do not take long to learn. What matters most is the time you put into self training after each lecture.

Practice they say makes perfect, so it is important to be continuously practicing. A graphic designer does a broad range of both online and offline designs for customers, meaning you can render this services from the comfort of your home or physically.

6. Writing

Writing is one of the most in-demand skills for job seekers and will increase your value immensely for almost any position. Writing skills are required for both external and internal communications, including reports, presentations, blogs, web content, white papers, and more. Even if you’re pretty good at it, you could probably get better. We can always improve.

7. Painting

This shouldn’t take more than a month to learn and perfect. This work needs you to be artistic and creative. It is a sure source of constant income as houses are being built on daily bases and those houses would be painted at some stage. Learning how to combine colors, making designs on walls and having a vast knowledge of different kind of paints will also be an added advantage.

To have even more advantage as a painter, it is better to stay sharp and informed as things change every single moment. Always be informed and try to move with trends..

8. Photography

This involves creativity and the ability to use major photo editing softwares. It can be learnt within 2 months. To be perfect with your tools, hours of personal practice are needed after everyday of lecture.

A lot of events go down every day, the services of photographers are always needed. With your skills and ability to perfectly use your tools, a lot of lucrative jobs await you as it is a lot easier than it looks. And it can be super useful when it comes to corporate communications, marketing, and anything design related, including making funny memes to amuse your coworkers, or when you’re bored. Adobe offers Photoshop tutorials for free online.

9. Laundry Services

In the urban centers, due to very tight work schedule and stress, a lot of Nigerians are unable to do their laundry. This is where the services of a laundry man is priceless.

This handwork can be learnt within a month by pitching your tent with an already established laundry man around. Take note of every detail concerning the business so as to enable you have a smooth landing once you are ready to start. Laundry machines are now available, so if you have enough capital, you won’t even need to wash with your hands.

10. Snacks Production

You can learn how to bake cakes, chin chin, puff puff, dough nuts, plantain chips, buns, egg rolls, fish rolls e.t.c. The list of snacks that can be produced for sale are endless.

Learning this trade doesn’t take up to two months to attain perfection. Since it is food based, patronage is assured as humans can’t do without food.


Acquire a skill today and start making income for yourself. Whenever you decide to go commercial after learning a skill, it is important to always think out of the box, be innovative and think of those things that can add value to your services.

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