Chin Chin Business: Guide on How to Start in Nigeria

Apart from the business side, it is common in many Nigerian homes for refreshments. Along with other snacks and small chops too, the products are storming the market to earn some profits for people who are capable of doing the snack pretty well and produce it for people to buy.The business requires just a little amount of capital and is one of the business you can start with a relatively low budget.

Chin chin Business

Chin Chin is a popular Nigerian snack that is used as refreshments most times. It is a simple snack made with the mixture of flour, sugar and some other things added according to a specific measurement. In recent times, home made snacks have become quite a popular thing in the country as it has brought opportunities for individuals who know how to go about making them to take advantage of their skills by making money from the business.

One of the simple things about the business is the fact that you can start it from the comfort of your home as long as the equipments are ready and the ingredients are also ready. The business comes in two forms, the first of which is the production in small scale and selling directly to small shops and consumers. The other is production in large scale and also selling large quantities of the product. In this case, you don’t really get to interact with small shop owners at all.

Chin Chin Business: Guide on How to Start in Nigeria


  • It has good profits potentials and can be started with a small amount. Chin chin business is also very easy to start and the stress in it can be managed.  Go to a professional and learn how to produce tasty chin chin and you are good to start yours.
  • There is a machine that can mix the flour and ingredients together. Chin chin cutter can be used too in case you don’t have the time to do the mixing and the cutting or you what to avoid the stress.
  • You can cut the pasta into your desired sizes in a few minutes manually. Roll the dough on the table and use pizza cutter to cut and pieces them as you like.
  • The demand for chin chin is very high, in fact, it is the most consumed after biscuit, and with that alone, there is a market for the business already.


Chin chin business does not require too much money for a start. The amount of money to use depends on the kind of scale you want to operate. With #15,000 you can start the business on a small-scale. Then for a large-scale from #80,000 and above.


  • Deep fryer for frying
  • sieve
  • long sieving spoon to remove the fried chin chin
  • rolling-pin
  • cutter
  • bowls


  • Flour
  • Milk
  • Baking powder
  • Margarine
  • Nutmeg
  • Salt
  • Egg
  • Water
  • Flavour
  • Oil for frying
  • Sugar


  • In a large bowl pour in your sieved flour,
  • Put baking powder, sugar and all other dry ingredients, mix them well,
  • Add margarine and mix properly with your hands until it appears like (fine bread) crumbs.
  • Pour eggs, milk (if liquid) mix thoroughly until you get smooth and hard dough.
  • Place the dough on a flat surface or a table and carefully knead for a few minutes
  • then roll the dough flat and cut into cube shape or any of your desired shape.
  • Put your oil in the fire and heat until very hot,
  • pour in the chin chin and fry until it becomes golden brown.
  • Pack them into a sieve for the oil to drain,
  • air it a little and package for sale or consumption.


Chin chin business is profitable in the sense that you are sure of 50% return on investment. There are ways you can increase profits in chin chin business. One of the ways to increase profit is by buying things in bulk.

Another way is by baking the chin chin instead of frying them because frying them will consume a lot of oil so in other to be economical you use an oven to bake them.

This is how to do it: spray oil on the pan you want to use; then pour the already prepared chin chin into the pan cover and bake it in the oven if you don’t have oven then you can use a very big pot just put stones in the pot and put the pan containing the chin chin to be baked inside on top of the stone; cover the pan with foil and place the pot on top of the fire; keep monitoring the  chin chin in the pot when it turns brown you bring it down.


  • You will need sales canvassers to push your chin chin to your target markets. The target markets are shops, motor parks, schools, offices, super markets, open markets and street hawkers.
  • A bag or carton of chin chin contains 50 packs find out how much others in the production of chin chin are selling theirs then you reduce your own price so can attract more buyers.
  • Make sure you produce a well packaged tasty chin chin because these two are the key to a successful chin chin business. Customers prefers chin chin that are crunchy and in other to achieve this you have to watch the number of egg and quantity of milk you add to its production because they have a way of making the chin chin to be soft but you can as well do the soft type for those who prefers them all of these are market strategies.
  • Keep the contacts of your customers so you can always get in touch with them in other to know when they are out of stock, then you quickly supply them so that you won’t be over taken by another company.


In other to attract more buyers, use appealing packaging materials to package your chin chin. Use thick nylon to package them in other to prevent air from entering so that it can still maintain its crunching nature before consumption.

There are other packaging materials such as transparent containers that you can use. Look for a sweet catchy name to label your container if you intend to be more professional about it.


Starting a chin chin business is not really a hard thing to do though it requires hard work and your dedication to make things work. It’s also a business that almost anyone can dive into provided they are willing to learn

Chin chin business is worth venturing into as it is not a seasonal but all time business. To stand out in this business, your has to be tasty and crunchy chin chin .


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