Cocoa Farming and its Benefits

A lot of people have gone back to agriculture as there is no job in the country. Cocoa business is one of the quickest means to get rich, why not dive into this business before the competition gets to high.

Many people see cocoa farming business as a small business meant for these village men and women. Cocoa business is a profitable business and the output is sold both home and abroad which comes with very high profit and makes the demand very high. Cocoa sellers make quite a lot of money but the only problem they encounter is rain to sundry it after harvesting, which on the other hand is very useful for them when it is still growing.

Cocoa is a cash crop and also a perennial crop that take up to five years before bringing forth fruit.I can remember in those days, only chiefs or kings can have a cocoa farm, if you have a cocoa farm without any chieftaincy title, you would be bestowed one because they are always seen as rich and influential people.

The best thing about cocoa is that once you plant it and begin to harvest, it is for a lifetime, that is why most of our parents have cocoa farm in the village. it can be used in producing different things such as beverages, chocolate, cocoa butter, cocoa nibs.

Cocoa Farming and its Benefits

Benefits of Cocoa

Cocoa has many health benefits which includes:

  • it has antioxidants called polyphenols which reduces inflammation
  • it balances blood sugar in the body
  • it helps with our blood flow
  • it lowers blood pressure
  • it reduces failure of the heart
  • it prevents cancer
  • it helps the brain to function well
  • it helps to reduce depression
  • it reduces stress
  • it helps with the general wellbeing of the body
  • it reduces the risk of having diabetes
  • it boosts the immune system

How to Start Cocoa Farming

In order to set up a cocoa farm, you will need a very large size of land. The most suitable place to plant your cocoa is a shady place that is free from wind but can also accommodate rainfall and sunlight. Most importantly, get your seedings from well trusted and experienced cocoa farmers, after getting your seed, remove weed from your land and plant the seed, this should be done around April or May as it is the beginning of rainy season.

Another important thing to note when planting your cocoa is the type of soil, the type of soil for cocoa must be able to retain water as the plant has many roots that absorbs nutrients. Depending on the size of land you acquire, you can plant as many as 1000 to 2000 cocoa seeds, this means that planting 1000 to 2000 will produce about 1200 cocoa trees, 400 seeds would cover for those that might not grow well or bring forth good fruit.


In order to cut cost, you can get the land in a nearby village, get laborers to work for you and pay them little amount. Buying off the land is preferable as you can use it for a long period of time without any hindrance.At the end of the day when you sell your produce, you’ll be amazed at how much you will make.

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