Cowrywise Mutual Fund

Savings and investment has become paramount to everyone that needs financial freedom. It is one of the best way to reach your financial goals by making your money work for you. Having looked at piggyvest, one of the top mutual funds in Nigeria, this article is about another mutual fund known as cowrywise.

it is a company that helps people to save and make investment through mobile application, it is registered with the central back of Nigeria so you don’t need to be scared as your funds are secured. With cowrywise, you can make low, medium and high risk investment such as investments in agriculture and other money market securities( stocks, bonds e.t.c.)

Banks used to be one of the traditional and major source of saving before the advent of financially backed-up platforms like cowrywise which aims to offer a permissive investment experience as saving in banks is now very expensive. When you save in the back,instead of your funds to increase, rather, it decreases due to the deduction of many unnecessary charges.

Cowrywise Mutual Fund

Benefits of saving and investing with cowrywise

You get a 10% interest on your savings

When you save with cowrywise, you get a 10% interest rate after 3 months if you choose to withdraw your fund. Unlike piggyvest where you can decide to withdraw your fund anytime, this platform is not like that, you can’t have access to your fund until it is 3 months.

It has no age limit

Both adult and children can save on cowrywise as the least amount you can save is #100 with no maximum amount; meaning you can save as much as millions or billions.

It allows you to save towards a particular goal or project

Cowrywise helps you to achieve your goals in life by investing your money and rewarding you as well.

You can save anytime

Irrespective of the plan you choose, you can save anytime.

You start getting your reward the next day

You don’t have to wait for three months to start getting your reward. Once you choose a plan, your annual income will be broken down to daily basis and added to your balance which will be on your dashboard the next day after you save or invest.

It is stress-free

You can safe and invest at the comfort of your how.

With Cowrywise, you can save daily, weekly or monthly, you can do this on your mobile phone without any stress. On cowrywise, you can choose to save in many plans as you wish,plans like vacation, housing, wedding, education and many more. The minimum number of days you can keep your savings is 90days with no maximum number of days as you can keep it as long as you want. During this 90 days, you wont be able to have access to your money.

For every plan you create, there is a maturity period attached to it and for every maturity period, there is an interest rate attached to it as well. For example, if you choose to create the vacation plan of 4 months, it will have a specific interest rate which will be broken down and added to your balance daily.


There is a dashboard where you can see all your activities: your savings, investments and bonuses. Your money and investments are safe and secured with cowrywise.

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