Current Prices of Mikano Generators in Nigeria (March, 2021)

Current Prices of Mikano Generators in Nigeria (March, 2021)

Electricity is the lifeblood of contemporary society. Virtually every business and home requires a steady supply of power to function reliably. The current situation of electricity supply in nigeria has become so worrisome that it has left many Nigerians with no option but to add generator as an alternative for power supply to their basic needs of life. Looking for a generator for industrial use to power big machines and equipment, then Mikano is what you need.

Most villages in the west African country sometimes go 20 days without experiencing a flash of electric light, while, some towns could experience the same fate for a month or more. Many villagers have adapted to the unhappy and ugly situations of the country as they hardly find their daily bread not to talk of buying a generator.

In total contrast, wealthy living citizens can’t afford to stay in total blackout, hence, they get a generator which they use in powering some of their appliances.

In business world, lack of regular power supply has caused many shops to close up abruptly as they can’t afford a big-sized generator. However, huge firms and companies often spend large amounts of money on generator just to run their business smoothly. Well-established companies have even stepped up their game as they now go for standby Lester engine which guarantees regular supply of electricity.

If you are planning to set up a business or shop, it is important you get at least one generator which will enhance the growth of your business within the shortest period of time. As an individual who wants to enjoy regular power supply, it is compulsory you get a generator. There are different brands and sizes of generators in Nigeria,some of which are: Tiger, Elepaq, Honda, Mikano, Jubaili Brosnan, etc.

Current Prices of Mikano Generators in Nigeria (March, 2021)

About Mikano Generators

Mikano generator is not just an ordinary power supply company. It has been in existence for quite a long time and it’s one of the best alternative power supply in the country.

The Nigerian company has three main sections which include the gas, diesel and rentals. These sections are created by the brand so as to meet the unlimited needs of every citizens of the country either wealthy or poor.

For average citizens who cannot afford new generator, Mikano have rental services which gives everyone the opportunity to borrow generator for some specific period as soon as they complete the payment procedures.

Why You Should Buy Mikano Generator Brand

1. Easy to get

They have one or two branches/selling outlets in each states of the federation. Hence, buying a new Mikano generator shouldn’t be a problem.

2. Mikano brand offers after-sale support/consultation

The Company offers an after-sale services such as regular servicing and maintenance of their products. Irrespective of your location, they make sure one or two of their agents pay you a visit to inquire how good and how perfect their product have been faring right from the day you bought it.

3. Mikano generators contain warranty from company

Though almost all generator-producing companies engage in this service by placing a warranty on their products, but not all of them are true to their word. Unlike the rest, Mikano are known for accurate and reliable warranty on their products which has endeared them to most buyers in the country.

Should the generator develop any fault during the time covered by the warranty, you have every right to return it back to them, while they repair it or give you another one. Note that you are only qualified to enjoy this services if you buy your Mikano generator directly from any Mikano store across the country or when you buy it via their official website.

Brand-new Mikano Generator Prices in Nigeria Currently (2021)

Having known the benefits you stand to enjoy from buying a Mikano generator, it is important you know their present prices of this generator brand in the Nigeria market. As said earlier, there are different sizes of Mikano generator and each size are sold at various prices.

Below are the latest discounted price list of Mikano generators in Nigeria this March, 2021:

  •  9KVA Soundproof power generator [403-11G] = ₦3,500,000 – ₦4,400,000
  • 13KVA soundproof power generator [403-15G] = ₦3,600,000 – ₦4,500,000
  • 15KVA soundproof power generator [403-15G2] = ₦3,700,000 – ₦4,600,000
  • 20KVA soundproof power generator [404-22G] = ₦4,100,000 – ₦5,150,000
  •  30KVA soundproof power generator [1103-33G] = ₦4,500,000 – ₦5,600,000
  • 40KVA soundproof power generator [1103-33TG1] = ₦5,300,000 – ₦6,500,000
  •  50KVA soundproof power generator [1103-33TG1] = ₦5,400,000 – ₦6,700,000
  •  60KVA soundproof power generator [1103-33TG2] = ₦4,900,000 – ₦6,700,000
  •  60KVA soundproof power generator [1104-44TG1] = ₦5,100,000 – ₦6,300,000
  • 80KVA soundproof power generator [1104-44TG2] = ₦6,450,000 – ₦6,700,000
  •  100KVA soundproof power generator [1104-TAG2] = ₦6,350,000 – ₦7,700,000
  •  135KVA soundproof power generator [1106-TG1] = ₦8,200,000 – ₦8,400,000
  •  150KVA soundproof power generator [1106-TAG2] = ₦9,300,000 – ₦9,500,000
  • 180KVA soundproof power generator [1106C-E66TAG4] = ₦10,700,000 – ₦11,000,000
  •  200KVA soundproof power generator [1106-TAG4] = ₦12,000,000 – ₦12,200,000
  •  250KVA soundproof power generator [1306-E87TAG6] = ₦14,800,000 – ₦15,000,000
  •  300KVA soundproof power generator [1606A-E93TAG5] = ₦19,100,000 – ₦21,400,000
  •  350KVA soundproof power generator [2206A-E13TAG2] = ₦21,000,000 – ₦22,100,000
  •  400KVA soundproof power generator [2206A-E13TAG3] = ₦23,000,000 – ₦24,500,000
  •  500KVA soundproof power generator [2506A-E15TAG2] = ₦26,000,000 – ₦27,000,000
  •  650KVA soundproof power generator [2806A-E18TAG2] = ₦35,500,000 – ₦39,200,000
  •  800KVA soundproof power generator [4006-23TAG3A] = ₦52,000,000 – ₦53,500,000

The above prices are for brand-new Mikano generators which seem to be a bit expensive. However, there are equally some fairly used Mikano generator that are more affordable.

Prices of Fairly Used Mikano Generators in Nigeria Today

  • 20KVA – 40KVA = These types of Mikano generators range from ₦1.5 million to ₦4.2 million
  • 50KVA – 80KVA = This type of generator range ₦4.5 million to ₦5 million
    100KVA – 400KVA = Price ranges from ₦6.5 million to ₦15 million
  • 500KVA – 800KVA = It’s valued between ₦15 million and ₦30 million

Factors to consider when buying a Mikano generator (either brand-new or fairly-used)

1. Financial Worth

Now that you’ve seen the prices, you must go for the one that will suit your purpose without being shortchanged. You are advised to make a budget base on your daily or monthly earnings/profits.

2. Noise Emission

If you’re someone who is allergic to noise, you are advised to go for a sound-proof generator which automatically reduces noise emissions instead of an open-type that are known as ‘noisemakers’

3. Cost Of Maintenance

You must consider the cost of maintenance for each generator before making your choice. Diesel-powered generators are cheaper to maintain compared to gas-powered generator which are more expensive to get and to maintain.


Mikano is not just the generator in Nigeria but it the most popular in the industrial generator categories that’s because of its quality and reliability. Generally, the price of generators in Nigeria varies based on their power supply same goes for Mikano generator prices.

This implies that generator prices are flexible as they tend to change as a result of factors such as exchange rate, the power they supply, market demand as well as the location of purchase and functionality of the electric generator set.


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