Access Diamond Bank Transfer Code 2021 | Send Money in Nigeria

This post will disclose the new access Diamond bank transfer code to all its customers, and how to use it effectively.

As we all know, Diamond bank has now been merged with the Access Bank PLC, and is now known as Access Bank. Therefore, all Diamond bank customers are now part of the Access bank customer circle.

Diamond bank transfer code

This action has triggered a common question among the Diamond bank customers, concerning the transfer code, which will be used to send funds in Nigeria.

Due to the high number of the transfer code related questions, that we receive daily, we have been prompted to write an article, which  will disclose the Access Diamond bank transfer code to the entire public.

Please note that I will use Diamond and Access bank interchangeably in this post.

This article will reveal;

  • the Diamond bank transfer codes,
  • how to make local transfers with it,
  • answers to questions relating to the Diamond bank USSD codes.

Features and Requirements of the Diamond Bank Transfer Service

Below are some of the features of the Diamond bank transfer service:

Access bank

  • You can only use it with the phone number connected to your Diamond bank account
  • Your phone must be able to perform a USSD session, and must be connected to a network signal
  • Funds, commission and other taxes are deducted directly form your Diamond bank account
  • Most importantly, you need to create a 4 digit PIN to perform transactions(if you haven’t created one yet)

However, if you don’t know how to create a transaction PIN, I will teach you how to do it here and now. Note that you must have created your 4 digit PIN before you can perform any Diamond bank USSD transaction.

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The whole process certainly won’t take up to a minute. Follow this process to create yours:

  1. Dial *901# (make sure you are using the phone number registered with your Diamond bank account).
  2. Select option “2” (transfers) and send.
  3. Pick “1” or “2” to either create your PIN with “debit card” or “no debit card” respectively.
  4. If you select “debit card”, you will be required to provide your card number to continue. On the other hand, if you select “no debit card” you will be asked to provide your date of birth to continue.
  5. Enter a 4 digit number that you can easily remember. Subsequently, you will be required to provide the 4 digit number to complete any USSD transaction.

What is the Access Diamond Bank Transfer code?

I am sure you already know how to successfully create your transaction PIN now. After that, the next thing is to begin to make transfers.

Diamond bank transfer code

The Access Diamond bank transfer code is *901*amount*account number#.

You can use this code to transfer funds from Diamond(Access) Bank to Diamond(Access)bank. You can likewise use it to transfer funds to any other bank in Nigeria.

In addition, I will teach you how to make mobile transfers using the shortcode in less than a minute. Read this article to the end.

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How to transfer Money to Diamond(Access) bank

To transfer fund within the same bank (Diamond>Diamond), follow this short procedure;

  1. Dial *901*1*amount*account number#. For example, if I want to transfer N1,000, the format will be *901*1*1000*0123456789#
  2. Confirm the recipient’s account name
  3. Enter your 4 digit transaction PIN
  4. Click on “send”

How to transfer Money from Diamond bank to another Bank in Nigeria

In case, you want to transfer funds from your Access(Diamond) bank account to another Nigerian bank, you should try this method. It is very easy.

  1. Dial *901*2*amount*account number#. For instance, if I want to transfer a sum of N2,000 to another bank, I will dial *901*2*2000*1234567890#
  2. Select recipient’s bank
  3. Confirm the recipient’s account name
  4. Enter your 4 digit PIN
  5. Click on “send”(you will be debited a total amount of N84 for commission and VAT)

I guess that looked a bit long, let me try to ease you of the stress. I will give you a shorter and less stressful procedure to use.

Moreover, you can use this method to transfer funds to the same/different bank. Follow these steps:

  1. Firstly, dial *901*amount*account no#
  2. Select recipient’s bank
  3. Enter your 4 digit PIN
  4. Confirm recipient’s details and Click on “send”

Benefits of the Access(Diamond) bank transfer service

  1. You can conveniently send money to friends and family in Nigeria, with your mobile phone.
  2. In addition, you don’t need to join the long queues in banks to deposit your funds for transfer.
  3. Above all, the service is available anytime and any day.
  4. There is certainly no need for an internet connection.
  5. It is the fastest method to send money to third parties. For instance, transferring to other banks takes a maximum of 30 seconds.

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How many times can I use the Diamond bank transfer code in a day?

You can definitely use it as many times as you like as long as you don’t reach the daily transaction limit of N20,000.

Is the Diamond bank transfer service usable on all networks?

Yes. All mobile network subscribers can make use of the platform. No one is exempted as long as your SIM is connected to your Diamond bank account.

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I received a session timed out message, what should I do?

The USSD session times out after 20 seconds of inactivity. Therefore, you have to be very fast when making transactions via USSD.

In case, you get this message, dial the code again to continue your transaction. You can also visit here for more information.

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  1. I have done all the following instructions but it’s asking for my token, I don’t know what it means or how to get it because I need to make urgent transfer please

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