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This article contains a list of Dulux Paint price in Nigeria. All Dulux Paint products and their prices will be included for you to know.

Dulux Nigeria

Do you need to paint your new building? Or you need to refurbish an existing one? If yes, then this post is for you. You might also be a painter who needs more options for a painting contract you have signed.

We all know that colour is a very important aspect of life. This fact is not left out of our houses. In fact, studies have shown that most children love to spend their holidays in colourful houses. Beautiful right? Of course, it is.

In addition, you might want to impress your date with your home, and wouldn’t want him/her enter a very dull house. Ugh! That looks bad.

It could be your office. Similarly, Working in a beautiful environment even to some extent help boost your work efficiency.

But, there’s a BUT. Which Paint brand should you use? You might have asked few of your friends the question, and gotten a straightforward reply from one saying “Dulux Paints”. And I guess that’s certainly why you’re here.

But, do you have any idea, why your friend might have recommended Dulux Paints? The reason is simple! Dulux Paints have pocket-friendly prices with an unbeatable quality.

I once hired a painter to help me give my home a new look. I was really surprised when he requested a little amount of money to buy Paints. In fact, I wasn’t expecting a really nice job from him. But, when he completed the job, I was wowed.

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Dulux Paint Price in Nigeria 2020

In terms of price and quality, Dulux is unarguably one of the bests in the market. If you are reading this, you certainly want to know the price of Dulux Paints in Nigeria, and that’s what we are going to do here.

I will give you a list of Dulux Paints, and their corresponding prices in Nigerian Naira. All you just have to do is to check the prices, make sure it suits your budget, then make an order. That’s all!

However, the list won’t contain all Dulux Paints products, but will include the most relevant ones. Therefore, I will include the link to Dulux Paints site, so you can check for more products and prices there.

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Interiors Paints

1. Product name: Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt

Price: N6,274.71 – N40,950.00

Dulux paint price in Nigeria

2. Product name: Dulux Trade Vinyl Silk

Price: N8,142.94 – N48,300.00

3. Product Name: Dulux Trade Vinyl Soft

Price: N8,039.58 – N29,925.00

4. Product name: Dulux Trade Ecosure Matt

Price: N13,330.00

5. Product name: Dulux Trade Eggshell

Price: N8,616.66 – N15,082.25

Dulux Paint Price in Nigeria

6. Product name: Dulux Trade High Gloss

Price: N18,533.22 – N31,029.38

7. Product name: Dulux Trade Hi-chem Epoxy Enamel

Price: N21,000.00

8. Product name: Dulux Trade Floorcote Enamel

Price: N10,500.00

9. Product name: Dulux Gloss

Price: N11,390.20

10. Product name: Dulux Emulsion

Price: N7,350.00 – N34,011.99

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Exteriors Paints

1. Product name: Dulux Trade Weather shield Textured Masonry

Price: N24,417.85 – N25,695.41


2. Product name: Dulux Trade High Gloss

Price: N7,708.68 – N31,029.38

3. Product name: Dulux Trade Floorcote Enamel

Price: N9,450.00

4. Product name: Dulux Gloss

Price: N11,026.33 – N12,937.39

5. Product name: Dulux Emulsion(Brilliant white).

Price: N7,350.00 – N34,011.99

6. Product name: Dulux Emulsion(Extra deep & Rich Extra deep colour).

Price: N8,452.20 – N41,480.50

7. Product Name: Dulux Silk Emulsion(Light colour)

Price: N9,291.87 – N39,571.38


8. Product name: Dulux Silk Emulsion(brilliant white)

Price: N10,455.10 – N43,558.21

9. Product name: Dulux Silk Emulsion(Deep colour)

Price: N9,959.26 – N48,047.71

10. Product name: Dulux Trade Weathershield Textured Masonry(Pure brilliant white)

Price: N24,417.85

For more Dulux Paint Price in Nigeria, Visit the Dulux Nigeria website here.

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Above all, it is important to note that the prices listed above might differ from the prices of your local store. However, the local price should not be too far from this. If it is, leave for somewhere else.

Also, the above list of Dulux Paint price in Nigeria comprises of different shades which include light, deep, brilliant white, matt, gloss etc. You don’t need to bother about these. Your painter will tell you the ones you should get.

If you need to make further enquiries, click here and you’ll certainly find what you’re looking for.

Let us know if you have any question or suggestion by leaving a message in the comment section below. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Help us share this post with others.

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