FCMB Internet Banking: How To Register For FCMB Online Banking

FCMB Internet Banking is an online banking platform by First City Monument Bank, one of the leading financial institutions in Nigeria.

In this guide, I will show you how to register/signup for FCMB Internet Banking or FCMB Online Banking, as it is also called.

Interestingly, you don’t even have to visit any of the bank branches to do this. You can do it on your mobile phone or computer, provided you have a little data subscription on your SIM.

Are you ready? Read on!

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How Does FCMB Online Banking Work?

FCMB Online Banking was developed by the First City Monument Bank to give its customers the ability to access its banking services from the comfort of their homes or offices.

Through FCMB Internet Banking, you can buy airtime, pay for data and TV subscriptions, request for ATM cards, transfer funds, view your account statement and manage your account yourself.

You can also chat with FCMBOnline agents through the platform for prompt issues resolutions. You can be 100% sure your complaints will be treated almost instantly.

The most beautiful thing about the FCMB Online Banking platform is that it is fully secured with the highest encryptions you can think of. So the risk of your banking information getting into wrong hands is almost non existent.

To use the platform for financial transactions, you will need to signup on it first.

Before I will show you how to do that, let’s talk about the requirements for the registration.

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FCMB Internet Banking Registration Requirements

The following are the requirements for signing up on FCMB Online Banking:

1. An active FCMB bank account
2. The email address registered on your First City Monument Bank account.
3. The mobile phone number linked to your account

Once you have every one of these in place, proceed with the next line of action, which is to signup on the platform.

How To Register For FCMB Online Banking

Want to register for FCMB Internet Banking? Here’s how to do it:

FCMB Internet Banking Form

1. Log on to FCMBOnline Portal here
2. Review the terms and conditions and click on I agree. A new page will open with the registration form.
3. Fill your account number, account name, mobile number and email address linked to the FCMB account.
4. Choose a Username and Password you’ll be using to login everytime you want to access the portal.
5. Scroll down and click on “Yes, I have a Debit Card here” if you have one or select “No, I don’t have a debit card here” if you don’t.
6. You will see two options “I want to view only” and “I want to make transfers”, select either of them. If you choose”I want to view only”, your FCMBOnline account will have some limitations. You will be able to view your account statement and transaction history but can’t make payments or transfer funds. That’s why it’s advisable to choose the second option.
7. After that, click on “Submit” to complete the registration process. You will receive a congratulatory message, confirming your successful registration on the FCMB Internet Banking platform. Ensure your chosen username and password somewhere safe in case you forgets.

That’s how to register on for FCMB Online Banking.

In case you are experiencing any challenge creating or logging into your FCMBOnline account, check out the solutions we have provided below.

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FCMB Internet Banking FAQs

How Do I Create An FCMB Online Banking Profile For My Business?

The registration process for corporate accounts on FCMBOnline platform is almost the same with that of individuals.

The only difference is that you will have to your business account details when signing up. If your business already have a debit card, you will find the onboarding process very easy. Especially with a Gold Mastercard.

To create the profile using your corporate account details, simply follow the instructions in the registration process on this page. You’ll find it most helpful.

I Can’t Remember My FCMB Internet Banking Password. What Do I Do?

It’s important you always save your usernames and passwords with a trusted password manager like Google Password Manager. It helps you safeguard your login details and bring it up every time you need it.

If you can’t remember your FCMB Online Banking password or username, simply visit fcmbonline.com and click on forgot password to reset it.

You will receive a message in your email or text message inbox, with the instructions on what to do next.

Another alternative way to reset your password is to contact the FCMB customer care. You’ll be asked a few questions or told to fill a request form for verification purposes.

Once the verification is done, you’ll be given a new password to sign-in with. You can change this later to the one you can easily remember.

Again, try and save this somewhere to a reoccurrence in the future.

What Is The Transaction Limit For FCMB Internet Banking?

The transaction limit depends on the type of account you signed up with. For Tier 1 to Tier 3 accounts, the transaction limit ranges from N100,000 to N1000,000.

Business or Corporate accounts have a higher transaction limit (up to N5 Million) due to their business needs.

In Summary

FCMB Internet Banking, also referred to as FCMB Online Banking, is one of the best offerings to have come from the bank.

The service allows users to access and manage their accounts through the FCMBOnline platform. You can visit the website, sign up and start making transactions on it as an FCMB customer.

For more information or inquiries, kindly visit the website or reach out to the customer service center through their helplines or email address.

You can as well leave your question or comment in the section for it below. I’ll respond to them as soon as I can.

If you find this online banking guide useful for First City Monument Bank useful, kindly help more people see it by sharing it online now with your friends by clicking on the share buttons below.

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