First Bank USSD Code: How To Buy Airtime, Check Balance & Transfer Money

First Bank USSD Code is one of the mobile banking services offered by the First Bank of Nigeria PLC.

The USSD code allows you to perform different forms of banking transactions with any type of mobile phone. Android, Apple or Java, internet enabled or not.

Unlike other forms of mobile banking services that requires the internet and often takes time to connect, this First Bank code works very fast. Like, extremely fast. You can perform multiple transactions with it in less than 3 minutes.

Now let me show you what the code is, some of the things you can do with it and how to use it.

What is First Bank USSD Code?

The official First Bank of Nigeria USSD Code for mobile banking transactions is *894#.

This is the general code you can dial to access First Bank services on your phone.

You can use the code as many times in a day as possible. With or without airtime credits on your phone.

The USSD Code for First Bank is also programmed to work 24 hours of the day. You can dial it even in the middle of the night and it will work. Just like in the day.

You will find it very helpful on weekends and during public holidays when you can’t go inside the banking hall to make transactions.

What Type Of First Bank Accounts Can Use The USSD Banking Code?

The First Bank code for mobile transactions can be used by any account opened with the bank.

However, before the code will work for you, you will have to register for the USSD Banking service using the mobile phone line connected to your First Bank account.

I’m talking about the particular line where you normally receive credit and debit alerts from the bank.

During the registration, you will be required to provide your NUBAN (that’s your FBN account number), your date of birth, ATM card details and PIN.

If the information you provide is correct, the USSD Banking service will be activated on your line.

You can then proceed to dial the FBN USSD code *894# to initiate and complete any transaction you desire.

To see if you have successfully registered for it, you can start by buying airtime on your line. You can buy for other phone lines too. Regardless of their telecom network.

How To Use First Bank USSD Code

Want to learn how to use First Bank of Nigeria USSD code for any transaction? Check out the guidelines we’ve written for you below:

1.  To Buy Or Top Up Your Airtime

To buy airtime for yourself instantly with the First Bank USSD Code, dial *894*Call Credits Amount#. For instance, type *894*300# and then press the SEND key.

Instantly, an airtime of N300 will be credited on your mobile phone line.

If you want to buy for another phone number (not the one linked to your account), dial *894*The Recipient Phone Number*Call Credits Amount#.

For instance if you dial *894*08000000001*300#. Immediately, that other phone number will be credited with an airtime credit worth N300.

This is how to buy airtime for yourself and other people using First Bank code.

2. To Block Your Bank Account

First Bank USSD Code can also be used to block Individual and Business accounts. Whether Savings, Current or Corporate account.

To use the First Bank USSD code and block your account temporarily, dial *894*919#. This will deactivate your First Bank ATM Card and bank account immediately.

I recommend you write down this code somewhere so it will be easy for to temporarily lock your First Bank account whenever you need to.

3. To Perform Funds Transfers

To transfer funds from your First Bank of Nigeria account to another First Bank account, simply enter *894*Amount*Account Number# on your phone and press the SEND key.

After that, follow the displayed instructions on your phone’s screen to complete the transaction.

Within the next 5 minutes, the value will be dropped into the recipient account. You will also get notified of this via a debit alert that your bank to your email address and phone line.

If you want to transfer to an account that is not First Bank account, dial *894*Transfer Amount*NUBAN#.

You will be asked to choose the appropriate bank for the recipient from a list of multiple options that will be shown on your screen.

After that, you will also be asked to authorize the transfer by inputting your 4-digits PIN for USSD banking.

4. To Check Your First Bank of Nigeria Account Balance

Are you searching online for how to check First Bank account balance with USSD code?

To do this, simply enter *894*00# and press the SEND key. In less than 60 seconds, you will receive a text message from First Bank Nigeria showing how much you have left in your account.

This is actually the fastest and the simplest way to get your account balance from First Bank. Other ways exist, but many prefers this for it’s simplicity and speed.

In Conclusion

Have you been searching online for First Bank USSD Code for performing transactions and how to use it?

This page features all the information you need to know.

I hope you will take a clue from here and use the code whenever you need to.

While you are on it, if you have any question concerning the use of this First Bank code, kindly let me know about it through the comments section.

I’ll definitely give you an answer.

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