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GTBank Customer Care | Resolve Your Complaints Now (Lines & Email)



GTBank customer care

This post will tell you the GTBank customer care hotlines. After reading this, you will be able to interact with the representatives and resolve your complaints.

As a Guaranty Trust Bank customer, there will be times when you will need to make an enquiry or even a complaint about a particular product/service.

GTBank customer care

At that moment, you might not be chanced to go to the nearest branch to tender your complaints/enquiries. This is where the customer service comes in.

The Guaranty Trust bank has always ensured its customers have the best banking experience when using its services/products.

This prompted the financial institution to introduce the online Customer service which allows customers to connect with the bank on-the-go at all time. That is, all you need is your mobile phone.

The Customer service is an interactive one which allows you, as a customer to lay down your complaints to a customer care representative.

Further, Gtbank customer care representatives are trained to efficiently handle and tackle the complaints and enquiries of customers. They provide solutions within minutes.

These complaints are gathered by the bank, and are used to improve and better its services.

Moreover, I will be dropping the phone numbers, which you can use to reach these customer care representatives.

Requirements to resolve a complaint

Before we dive straight into what the customer care hotlines are, let’s take a look at what we will be asked to provide, before a complaint can be treated.

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GTBank Customer care

Certainly, knowing this ahead of time will make us prepare in advance, thereby offering us a more efficient and quicker customer service. These requirements include;

  • Your account details. You will be asked for your account number and account name only.
  • The product or service you wish to complain of. You might be asked for copies of some relevant documents.
  • Transaction details like; date and type of transaction, amount involved in transaction, channel used for transaction, and the Transaction Reference Number(TRN).

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GTBank Customer care Lines

To interact with the Guaranty Trust Bank customer care representatives on-the-go, you can use two channels which include the telephone and the mobile.

If you are prefer to call using a telephone(fax), or to use the mobile phone number, I will provide the both of them here. Just keep reading.

1. Connect with Telephone.

If you are making use of a telephone, read this. To connect with a customer care representative, dial the number 01 448 000 and make your complaints or enquiries now.

2. Connect with Mobile.

If you are using an android,iOS, iPad, tablet, and the likes, then you should be here. If you make use of your device to call the telephone number above, it won’t go through.

This means there is a different number to call, using your device. The gtbank customer care lines for mobile are;


Try any of these numbers, and you’ll just be a step away from the customer care service.

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Benefits of the Customer service.

  • It brings the bank closer to you.
  • It reduces the stress and rigour of going to a branch.
  • You get to speak with an agent, who understands your language.
  • Your complaints are resolved with super speed.

How long does it take a customer care rep to resolve my complaint?

The  average time taken to process a customer complaint is 2 minutes. This proves the commitment of the Guaranty Trust Bank to its customers.

When can I call the Customer Care lines?

The GTBank Customer care lines can be called anytime and any day. It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including Saturdays and Sundays.

Therefore, you are free to call them right now and get your complaints resolved.

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A customer care representative called me and told me to provide my card and bank details, should I go ahead?

I expect 60% of those who will read this write up must have experienced this at one point in time.

You get a call, telling you to say your card number, PIN, expiry date, CVV etc. DO NOT PROVIDE THESE DETAILS. A lot of scammers use this method to eject all your money from your account, after giving them the details.

Moreover, no customer care representative will call you first. In addition, you won’t be asked to provide these details. Take note, so you don’t get scammed of your hard earned money.

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I called the customer care numbers, but none is going, what could be the problem?

Firstly, check if you still have enough airtime on your balance(not bonus). If you don’t have enough airtime, you won’t be able to reach the representatives.

Secondly, if the problem persists, try checking your network signal. Change your area or upgrade your SIM.

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      Sterling Bank Transfer Code on Phone (USSD)



      Sterling Bank Transfer Code 2020 to other banks.

      Hello there! Welcome to Financial Expert NG. Here, we will enlighten you on the topic above. After reading this, all you will need to do is just to proceed on your own. The guide is enough to teach you everything you should know about the topic.

      Are you a new or an existing Sterling Bank Customer? If yes, this post is for you. We make a lot of financial activities or transactions everyday and of course, sending money is one of them. We buy goods, use services, pay bills etc. Name them. Each and everyone of it requires money. And that is why we need to make transfers.

      Going to bank for deposits should never be an option for you after reading this article. Who does that in this century? Except you have cash at hand and need to deposit it. This is why banks have introduced USSD banking to their customers to enable them transfer funds to any bank making use of their mobile phone and network.

      With the USSD banking, funds transfers are done within a snap. All you have to do is to dial a short code on your phone and you are good to go. It is called a transfer code. Now, You might be wondering what the Sterling Bank Transfer Code is. Not to worry, that was why this article was written in the first place.

      In the next paragraph, we will reveal to you what the Sterling Bank Transfer code is and of course how to use the code to wire funds to any bank account in Nigeria. The destination bank can be a commercial bank, or even a microfinance bank. As long as it is registered as a Financial Institution by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

      What is the Sterling Bank Transfer Code?

      The Sterling bank transfer code is *822*Amount*AccountNo#. You can use this code to transfer money to other banks like Access Bank PLC, First Bank Nigeria, Guaranty Tesut Bank, Fidelity Bank, United Bank of Africa, to mention a few. Also, you can transfer funds from your Sterling Bank Account to another Sterling Bank Account in Nigeria.

      Sterling Bank Transfer Code 2020

      You would have noticed that the country ‘Nigeria’ has been mentioned repeatedly in the preceding paragraph. This is to signify that you cannot use this code to transfer funds to bank accounts outside Nigeria. The code works only for Nigerian Bank Accounts.

      The Sterling Bank Transfer Code is exclusive for use to only Sterling Bank customers. That is, if you are not a Sterling Bank Individual account holder, you will not be able to make use of this code. If you want to use the Sterling Bank Transfer Code and you do not own an coount with the bank, just walk directly into a Sterling bank branch to open a new account or dial *822# on your phone to begin. Take note of this.

      How do I authorise my Transfers with the Sterling Bank Transfer Code?

      The Sterling Bank USSD service is very secure and does not permit fraudulent activities on its system. Therefore, every user will have to authorise his or her transfers with a PIN. Without this PIN, you will not be able to make any transfer via the USSD banking, because you will be asked to provide it at the point of confirmation. Entering a wrong PIN will make the transaction invalid.

      So, you have to create your own Sterling Bank USSD banking PIN. It is a 4 digit number. I will be showing you how to create your own USSD banking PIN in two easy steps. Check the next line.

      • Using the phone number registered with your Sterling Bank Account, dial *822*1*NUBAN#.
      • Follow the on-screen prompts.

      If you do not want to make use of this method, you can just dial *822#. You will be required to create a 4 digit PIN on your first transaction. Kindly use a PIN, you will easily remember for future purposes. It is not a One Time Password/PIN (PIN).

      How to use the Sterling Bank Transfer Code to wire funds in Nigeria.

      To transfer funds to Nigerian Bank accounts, follow the procedure below;

      • Making use of the phone number registered with your Sterling Bank account, simply dial *822*amount*AccountNo#.
      • You will be required to select the destination bank in the next page, Choose the bank you are sending the funds to.
      • Enter your 4 digit PIN.
      • If you do no tlike this procedure, dial *822# , select “Transfers” and follow the on-screen prompts.

      Frequently Asked Questions on the Sterling Bank Transfer Code

      What is the daily Transfer limit on the USSD service?

      The daily transaction limit on the *822# banking service is a cumulative sum of hundred thousand naira N100,000. The limit on a single transfer is N20,000.

      Do I need airtime on my phone to make use of this service?

      Unlike other banks which require you have an airtime balance of N10 to use the USSD banking, Sterling Bank does not require that at all. You can perform your transfers with an airtime balance of N0.

      I made a Transfer with the *822# code, but it failed and I was debited, please help! What do I do?

      Don’t panic if this happens. It is just a system error and will be reversed in 24 hours time. However, if you are not credited within this period, call the contact centre on 07008220000. You can also send a mail to

      What are the charges for Inter and Intra Bank Transfer

      For intra-bank transfers, the charges are N21 (VAT included), per transfer. That is, if you are sending to other Sterling Bank customers, you will be charged N21 for each transfer. On the other hand, if you are transferring to other banks (inter-bank), you will be charged N52.50 (VAT included).

      I misplaced my phone containing my number registered on the USSD banking, what should I do?

      If this has happened to you, call the Sterling bank contact centre immediately on 07008220000 or quickly go to a branch nearest to you. The bank will freeze the USSD service on your account pending the time, your phone number is changed or retrieved.

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      Access Bank Account Balance Code & App Methods 2020



      How to check Access Bank Account Balance.

      Are you an Access Bank Customer and you need help in checking your account balance? Don’t be worried, this article will show you how you can check it using different channels. We will be showing you different methods so, if one doesn’t work for you, you can easily use another one. In fact, most of the methods that will be shown to you will only require your mobile phone. And some, will require you move out of your house.

      This guide will help new Access Bank Customers who have no idea about the above topic and will need help from legit and verified sources. We won’t waste your time at all, We will go straight to why you are here. Let’s dive right in!

      Channels for checking my Access Bank Account balance

      We have discovered 3 major channels with which you can check your account balance. Some of these channels will require a fee from your account. We will specify which one of them belongs to this category.

      1. USSD Method.
      2. Mobile App Method.
      3. ATM/POS Method.

      1. USSD Method.

      This method is still one of the easiest ways to check your account balance. Reason being that, all you will need is your mobile phone and the mobile number which is linked to your Access Bank Account.

      Just like the name implies, the USSD method will only be carried out by initiating a USSD session. How does that work? Just dial a short code on your phone. Continue reading to know what this code is and how to go about it. Follow the procedure below;

      • Using the phone number registered with your Access Bank Account, dial the short code *901#.
      • Enter option 1, which is “Check Account Balance”
      • If you have more than one account with the bank, select which of the accounts balance you want to check.
      • A message will be sent to you via SMS containing your account balance. Kindly note that a fee of N10 will be charged from your bank account.

      Have it at the back of your mind that you have to register for the *901# banking before you will be able to Check your account balance via this channel. Enrol for the *901# quick banking is very easy. Only a few steps will be taken.

      Access bank account balance codes

      Firstly, dial *901# on the phone number registered with your Access Bank Account. Then select option 4 which is “Other Services”. It will take you to another page on the screen. Enter option 5; Reset PIN. You will be required to input the PIN you want to be using. It must be a 4 digit PIN. Then follow the on-screen prompts.

      If you have already created this PIN before, you don’t have to go through this process again.

      2. Mobile App Method.

      This is still the easiest, fastest and costless way to check your account balance as long as you have a stable internet connection. It is costless because, unlike the USSD method,no fee will be charged from your account. That is, it is free!

      To use this channel, you will visit the Google play store or iOS app store tto download the Access Bank Mobile App. Thereafter, you will login to your account making use of your registered email and phone number. You will also be required to create a password.

      After successfully creating a mobile account, log in to your account with the User ID/Username. If you already have the app, then you do not need to do this anymore, just follow the process below to check your account balance.

      • Open the Access mobile App on your phone.
      • Sign in to your account with your User ID and password or with your biometrics(fingerprint).
      • Your account balance will be on your dashboard.

      3. ATM/POS Method.

      The aforementioned methods should be easier thank this new moths I will introduce. This is because for this method, you have to step out of your home and you do not even need your phone.

      If you are using the ATM method, you will find the closest ATM outlet to you and go there with your Access bank debit card. Then, insert the card and enter your PIN. Follow the on-screen prompts to check account balance.

      On the other hand, if you prefer the POS method, just go to a POS centre, and and tell the attendant that you want to check your account balance. He/she will ask for your ATM card and will offer you the service. Kindly note that the charges will be determined by the POS centre.

      Frequently Asked Questions on How to Check Access Bank Account Balance

      I tried to check my account balance with the USSD method, but I received a message “Unable to fetch account Details”, what should I do?

      When you receive this message, two things could be the problem. One of them is when you Don’t have a strong network signal or the bank’s network is poor at the moment. Just wait for a while before you try checking again.

      On the other hand, having an insufficient balance could also cause this. You should know by now that checking your account balance via USSD costs N10, so if you have less than N10 in your account, you will surely get this error message.

      I used the 3 methods to check, but it didn’t go through, what could be the problem?

      It is very uncommon to encounter this kind of problem. So if you have it, the best option will be to go to an Access Bank branch closest to you and complain to a customer care representative. The issue should be solved within a few minutes or days.

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      Fidelity Bank Transfer Code 2020 USSD [Updated Guide]



      Fidelity Bank Transfer Code for sending money in Nigeria.

      Are you a Fidelity Bank customer and you need to make a quick fund transfer to a third party for payment of bills, service fees and so on but do not have the time and patience to go to the bank for queuing? Technology has made everything simple and easy and has also improved the banking system.

      Reasons for going to banks and standing in long queues have now been reduced to it’s barest minimum, and customers now go to bank for just a few reasons. Both inter and intra Bank transfers have now been removed from the list and the transactions can now be performed on the internet.

      So, if you are reading this, you are definitely a Fidelity bank customer and do not know the code for transferring funds. However, knowing the code for transferring funds is one thing and knowing how to use it is another thing. To bridge this gap, we will show you how to use the Fidelity bank transfer code to wire funds instantly online.

      Before we proceed, kindly take note that every information contained in this post is strictly for aspiring or current Fidelity Bank customers. You can as well read through even if you are not a customer, because no knowledge is wasted anyways. A friend of yours could need it anytime, and all you will have to do is to tell the code instantly because you already have it at your fingertips.

      Without wasting much time, let us see what the Fidelity Bank Transfer code is and in addition, how to use the code to transfer funds to any bank account in Nigeria.

      What is the Fidelity Bank Transfer Code?

      The Fidelity bank transfer code to wire funds to any bank account is *770*account no*amount#. This code works for any wired transfer within Nigeria. It could be used to transfer funds to same bank account or to a different bank account. As expected, there are charges attracted to different kind of transfers.

      Fidelity Bank Transfer Code

      This process is as fast as the speed of light and takes approximately 10-20 seconds. The service is available 24 hours a day and throughout the week even on weekends. It is still the most convenient and easy means of transferring funds.

      How to use *770# for funds transfer (Inter And Intra Bank)

      Irrespective of the recipient’s bank, you can use the *770# to transfer funds easily. The destination bank could either be Fidelity Bank or another Nigerian bank. The process is very short and easy. In fact, I will be showing you how you can do it in few seconds. It will be a step-by-step guide.

      1. Dial *770*account no*amount# on the phone number tied to your Fidelity Bank account.
      2. Select the destination bank account.
      3. Enter your 4 digit PIN to authenticate the transaction.
      4. You will receive a debit alert within few seconds to confirm the success of the transaction.

      You might be wondering what a 4 digit PIN is. No problem, I will tell you all you need to know about the PIN. The PIN is used to authenticate every transaction you perform on the *770# service.

      That is, you have to create this PIN by yourself in order to complete your 770 transactions on the go. If you have not created your 4 digit PIN, dial *770# to create one now.

      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Fidelity Bank Transfer Code.

      I forgot my *770# PIN, how can I recover it?

      If you have forgotten your PIN, then you won’t be able to validate any transaction on the service anymore. But do not worry, you can create a new PIN within few minutes. The process is very fast. Just dial *770# , click RESET PIN, and follow the on-screen prompts.

      What is the cumulative daily transaction limit on the service?

      The cumulative daily transaction limit on the *770# service is N100,000. This means that you can transact as high as the amount stated above in a day. If by any way, you reach this point, every other transaction you try to make via the service won’t be successful.

      Who are those eligible to use the *770# service?

      Not everyone is eligible to use this service. Only Fidelity Bank Individual Account holders can use this service. So, if you don’t belong to this class, and you wish to transfer funds with the Fidelity Bank Transfer code, then you should go ahead open an account now.

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