GTBank Customer Care 2021 | Resolve Your Complaints Now (Lines & Email)

This post will tell you the GTBank customer care hotlines. After reading this, you will be able to interact with the representatives and resolve your complaints.

As a Guaranty Trust Bank customer, there will be times when you will need to make an enquiry or even a complaint about a particular product/service.

GTBank customer care

At that moment, you might not be chanced to go to the nearest branch to tender your complaints/enquiries. This is where the customer service comes in.

The Guaranty Trust bank has always ensured its customers have the best banking experience when using its services/products.

This prompted the financial institution to introduce the online Customer service which allows customers to connect with the bank on-the-go at all time. That is, all you need is your mobile phone.

The Customer service is an interactive one which allows you, as a customer to lay down your complaints to a customer care representative.

Further, Gtbank customer care representatives are trained to efficiently handle and tackle the complaints and enquiries of customers. They provide solutions within minutes.

These complaints are gathered by the bank, and are used to improve and better its services.

Moreover, I will be dropping the phone numbers, which you can use to reach these customer care representatives.

Requirements to resolve a complaint

Before we dive straight into what the customer care hotlines are, let’s take a look at what we will be asked to provide, before a complaint can be treated.

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GTBank Customer care

Certainly, knowing this ahead of time will make us prepare in advance, thereby offering us a more efficient and quicker customer service. These requirements include;

  • Your account details. You will be asked for your account number and account name only.
  • The product or service you wish to complain of. You might be asked for copies of some relevant documents.
  • Transaction details like; date and type of transaction, amount involved in transaction, channel used for transaction, and the Transaction Reference Number(TRN).

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GTBank Customer care Lines 2021

To interact with the Guaranty Trust Bank customer care representatives on-the-go, you can use two channels which include the telephone and the mobile.

If you are prefer to call using a telephone(fax), or to use the mobile phone number, I will provide the both of them here. Just keep reading.

1. Connect with Telephone.

If you are making use of a telephone, read this. To connect with a customer care representative, dial the number 01 448 000 and make your complaints or enquiries now.

2. Connect with Mobile.

If you are using an android,iOS, iPad, tablet, and the likes, then you should be here. If you make use of your device to call the telephone number above, it won’t go through.

This means there is a different number to call, using your device. The gtbank customer care lines for mobile are;


Try any of these numbers, and you’ll just be a step away from the customer care service.

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Benefits of the Customer service.

  • It brings the bank closer to you.
  • It reduces the stress and rigour of going to a branch.
  • You get to speak with an agent, who understands your language.
  • Your complaints are resolved with super speed.

How long does it take a customer care rep to resolve my complaint?

The  average time taken to process a customer complaint is 2 minutes. This proves the commitment of the Guaranty Trust Bank to its customers.

When can I call the Customer Care lines?

The GTBank Customer care lines can be called anytime and any day. It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including Saturdays and Sundays.

Therefore, you are free to call them right now and get your complaints resolved.

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A customer care representative called me and told me to provide my card and bank details, should I go ahead?

I expect 60% of those who will read this write up must have experienced this at one point in time.

You get a call, telling you to say your card number, PIN, expiry date, CVV etc. DO NOT PROVIDE THESE DETAILS. A lot of scammers use this method to eject all your money from your account, after giving them the details.

Moreover, no customer care representative will call you first. In addition, you won’t be asked to provide these details. Take note, so you don’t get scammed of your hard earned money.

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I called the customer care numbers, but none is going, what could be the problem?

Firstly, check if you still have enough airtime on your balance(not bonus). If you don’t have enough airtime, you won’t be able to reach the representatives.

Secondly, if the problem persists, try checking your network signal. Change your area or upgrade your SIM.

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  1. GTBank my token is not working; it has not worked in the last 2 days – Pls resolve urgently. Thank you

  2. Please I don’t have an atm card yet how do I get the card pin for the online banking

    1. We are sorry to announce to you that you can not proceed with the online banking registration without a GTBank ATM Card. So you have to request an ATM card at the nearest GTBank branch to you.

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