GTBank Sort Code 2021 | Check Your Branch Code Here (Complete List)

This post will show and tell you the sort code for the Guaranty Trust Bank(GTB) including its branches across the country (Nigeria). That is, we will reveal the GTBank sort code 2021.

A sort code is a unique number assigned to every bank. This code is used when funds are to be transferred from one bank to another. The transfer can also be within the same bank, but different branches.

The sort code is a 9 digit number; the first 3 digit is the bank sort code while remaining 6 is for a particular bank branch.

The sort code is just like identification number for each and every bank branch. This is to tell you that no two bank beaches can have the same sort code, not even branches of the same bank.

In this post, I will be giving you a full list of the sort code for every GTBank branch in Nigeria. Their branch names and sates will also be included.

Gtbank Nigeria Guaranty Trust Bank

GTBank Branches Sort Codes 2021

Like I said earlier, the first 3 digit of the 9 digit sort code serves as the identification of the bank.

All the sort codes I will be mentioning here will have the number “058” in front.

Obviously, this means that the Sort code of Gtbank is “058“. The next 6 digit is the unique code of each branch.

Without wasting much of our time, let’s dive in!

[table id=10 /]

You are required to just scroll through the table to locate your branch name. We have made it easier by arranging all the branches alphabetically.

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In conclusion, I believe you have found the sort code for your GTBANK branch. Well, we are glad you did. You can similarly do well by sharing this post with other GTBank customers.

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