How to Become a Professional Chef

This page reveals how to become a professional chef in Nigeria.

Most of us are guilty of cooking with sand and leaves when we were little. We were only experimenting what we have learnt from our mothers, and it was very entertaining.

Little did we know that those skills back then can be useful for us as we grow older. I loved watching my mother cook when I was a child as the aroma makes my stomach filled. Now as an adult, seeing people eat the food I cook gives me joy and a feeling of satisfaction that I have made people happy through my skills.

You can actually make cool money from starting your eatery business or you can as well work as a chef for big hotels like transcorp in Abuja, airport hotel and many others. Read this article to understand better.

Who is a Chef?

A chef is a well trained professional cook who is an expert in all areas of food preparation and focus majorly on a particular cuisine.

I find it amusing when I see young children compete on food making on television as they prepare salivating, nourishing and creative meals.

How to Become a Professional Chef

How to become a Professional Chef

Be Artistic

A chef must be artistic i.e. he must be creative, he must be able to create different things with food just like we do see on social media where food would be used to create a woman with a ball dress on or a woman with curly hair. By being a chef, you have to think on how to make yourself different from all other chefs by experimenting daily with food.

Be Willing to Learn

Learning is the key to life and it comes everyday, no one can ever stop learning. Try to learn new methods of cooking from different people, you can bring the ideas together to create your own method. You should learn different dishes, don’t base yourself on just your tribe dishes, go out and learn more. Try to cook for your friends and family once in a while and be ready to be corrected.

Learn to Manage Time

This is one of the best skill a chef can have. You can time yourself when preparing a particular meal, when you do this often, it helps you to manage your time well.The more you prepare the meal, the lesser time you spend on such meal, this will help you a lot when you start your business

Have Good Personal Hygiene

No one wants to eat from someone that is not clean. When cooking, all your utensils must be well washed and cleaned, all your ingredients must be washed before being used.

In order to perfect your skills, you can enroll yourself in culinary classes. As a chef, read books on foods, search online for different cuisines and learn how to make them, buy food and try guessing the ingredients or flavours used. When you do this more often, you are one step to becoming a professional chef .

Be passionate about cooking and don’t forget to smile as you cook so that people can see that joy in you because when your are not happy and you cook for people,the food won’t go down well.

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