How To Borrow Money With UBA Loan Code On Your Phone

Need money urgently? Here’s how to borrow money with UBA Loan Code in Nigeria instantly.

United Bank for Africa, popularly known as UBA, is undeniably one of the underdogs in the Nigerian banking industry today. One of the bank’s major products and services is loans.

In this article, I will show you how to borrow money with UBA loan code on any device. Especially your mobile phone.

Before I go on, it will interest you to know that UBA offers various types of loans to its customers. However, this code for UBA loans only work Payday loans, which is loans for salary earners.

So if you are a UBA customer and a salary earner in Nigeria, you should endeavour to read this article to the end.

What is the USSD code to borrow money from UBA?

The official UBA loan code for borrowing money is *919*28#.

You can access up to N1,000,000 credit with the mobile code in 1 minute and a total of N15,000,000 maximum for an individual over a 14-month repayment period.

The loan allows you to get your dream car, house and take care of emergencies and repay it within 14 months at a very low interest rate.

Just like the name Click Credit suggests, it takes just a click to get started.

I will show you how to do this below as you read on.

Qualifications for Getting UBA Loan Using USSD Code

While the UBA Payday Loan is available to salary earners in Nigeria, only qualified individuals can access it.

Below are the major requirements that qualifies you to be able to borrow money with it:

1. Applicants Must Have Registered For UBA USSD Banking Service

If you are yet to activate UBA USSD code on the line linked to your account with the bank, you will not be able to access UBA Click Credit on your phone.

So the best way to go about it is to start by registering for UBA USSD banking, popularly referred to as Magic Banking.

2. Applicant Must Have A Salary Account With UBA

This is the most important requirement of them all.

Without a valid Salary account, you won’t be able to access the loan. Unless you want to apply for other types of credit facilities offered by the bank, like UBA SME Loan, which will require that you walk into any of the branches of the bank to fill a form for it.

Click Credit with UBA loan code is only permitted on Salary accounts. If you don’t already have a Salary account with UBA, you can visit the bank’s official account opening portal to create one for yourself or visit any of their branches closest to you to open one physically.

3. Applicant Account Must Be In Good Standing

The loan facility has been structured in such a way that your account will be automatically checked to see if it’s in good standing before the loan will be approved for you.

If you have been receiving your salary every month on the account for at least 6 months, and has all your documents on it updated and verified, you have a 90% chance of being approved for the loan.

4. Applicant Must Have A Good Credit Score

Just as with other financial institutions in Nigeria, applicants are expected to have a good credit score before applying for a loan with UBA.

You can confirm your credit score through the Nigerian Credit Bureau, the official agency that is in charge of keeping the credit records of all Nigerians of adult age.

A bad credit score means you won’t be allowed to get any loan from UBA or up to the amount you applied for.

How To Apply For A Payday Loan With UBA Loan Code On Your Mobile Phone

If you have gone through all the requirements listed above and feels you are qualified to proceed, here’s how to apply for the UBA loan using USSD code:

1. Dial *919*28# on your phone. Ensure you dial it using the particular mobile line that is linked to your UBA account.
2. Enter your USSD banking PIN as required by the prompt on your screen.
3. Enter the amount you want to borrow (a maximum of N1 Million per session)
4. Follow the next set of instructions to complete the transaction and wait for the loan to be approved.
5. If you followed the instructions carefully, within a few minutes, the money will be deposited into your Salary account for withdrawal.

That’s how to apply and get a Payday Loan from United Bank for Africa using their official official loan code.

Final Words

I hope you have been able to learn how to apply for a loan with UBA loan code here.

If you need more information on this, kindly visit using your mobile phone or computer browser.

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