How to check Bank Verification Number on Nigeria Networks

For any Banking operation or transaction to be approved, the customer BVN has to be provided and failure to do so will result in the decline of the customer banking activities by the Bank. Remembering the 11 digit number may be a problem, but do not worry as there is an easy way to check your BVN if you have forgotten and this article would give an insight to the easy steps to follow in order to get your BVN when needed.

Due to the numerous fraudulent transactions and identity, theft that occurred in the time past left many bank customers devastated Due to this, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) came up with the initiative to introduce the BVN to curb all financial fraud, theft and also ensure transparency and security of personal information in financial transactions in the banking system.

What is BVN?

The Bank Verification Number commonly called BVN is a biometric identification system implemented by the Central Bank of Nigeria to curb or reduce illegal banking transactions in Nigeria. It is a modern security measure in line with the Central Bank of Nigeria Act 1958 to reduce fraud in the banking system.

BVN is very important as it uniquely identifies the customer in any banking institution in which financial operations are to be carried out and it should be easily accessible when payments or any other banking activities are to be made in the bank.

It is quite easy to check your BVN without Internet connection thanks to your network provider which can be done by dialling a short code on your mobile device and this can only be possible with the number used for BVN registration.

How to check BVN on MTN, Airtel, Etisalat (9 Mobile), and Glo

How to Check your BVN on Nigeria Networks

How to Check BVN on Glo

For Glo subscribers, dial *565*0# on your mobile device and make sure it is the number you used when registering for your BVN. After dialling the code, your BVN would appear on your mobile device screen after a short time. A service fee of 10 Naira is deducted from your account.

Note: If your Glo number is not registered on the BVN platform then you would not receive your BVN but the service fee would still be deducted and this also applies to other networks.

How to Check BVN on Airtel

If you are an Airtel subscriber and your number is registered on the BVN platform then dial *565*0# just like how you would do for other networks. After a short time, your BVN would be sent to your mobile device in which a service fee of 10 Naira would be deducted.

How to Check BVN on MTN

Dial *565*0# on your mobile device if you are an MTN subscriber. Your BVN would appear on your phone screen after a short time and just like the previous networks, a service fee of 10 Naira would be deducted.

How to Check BVN on 9 Mobile

9 Mobile was formerly known as Etisalat and the same code used in other networks can also be used to check your BVN for 9 mobile
As a 9 mobile subscriber, dial the short code *565*0# and shortly your Bvn would be displayed on your phone screen to which a fee of 10 Naira or 20 Naira would be deducted.

You can see from the above simple steps that retrieving your BVN is no problem at all.

How to get BVN in Nigeria/Requirements for BVN Registration

  • To get registered for BVN in Nigeria is not a difficult task and can be done in any of the bank branches nationwide. The following are the steps to follow in other to get your BVN and also the requirements needed for BVN registration
  • Go to any bank branch near you. It does not necessarily have to be the bank in which you have an account with but if it is the bank you opened an account with then it is all good.
  • Tell any of the bank employees that you want to register for BVN and a Bvn enrollment form would be given to you.
  • After the BVN enrollment form has been filled, the bank employee would put you through the process of registration
  • After your data has been inputted by the bank employee on the BVN platform, your Biometrics would be captured which is very important for identity management and this has to do with your fingerprint and facial features.
  • A ticket ID would be given to you by the bank employee and it is very important for you to keep it as you would be asked to present it when next you visit the bank to get your BVN
  • Your BVN would be sent via SMS to the phone number you used for the registration and this would be done within 24 hours to 48 hours.

With the above steps, you can see that getting your BVN is no big deal at all.

How to Change Number on BVN

Many Nigerians are faced with the problem of how they can change their number on BVN due to the fact that the number they used for BVN registration has been changed or the SIM got lost and as such the number is no longer in use.

This problem can be solved without any strrss, all you have to do is to visit the bank in which you did your BVN registration and request for a change of number on your BVN. The bank employee would give you a form to fill and your number would be changed.


Now you know how to check BVN using a mobile phone. The universal code to check BVN *565*0# can be used for Nigerian mobile operators, which include MTN, Etisalat, Airtel, and Glo. This code is a life-saver if you are wondering how to get your BVN number quickly.

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