How To Get Approved By Maxbounty Affiliate Network

Maxbounty Affiliate Network

Are you looking forward to becoming an affiliate marketer and earning lots of money online? Are you searching for how to get approved by Maxbounty affiliate network? This article is for you.

Here, I’m going to reveal all you need to do to get accepted and join the top affiliate network, even if you are from countries with low approval rate. Read on!


Why You Should Choose Maxbounty Affiliate Network

Maxbounty is a world leading performance based cost-per-action (CPA) network established in 2004. The main focus of the network is to maximize the Return On Investment (ROI) of both advertisers and affiliates.

The Return on investment (ROI) of an advertiser or affiliate is a metric system used to understand the profit made from an investment. The main idea is that, it compares how much an investor paid for an investment to how much the investor earned to evaluate its efficiency.

Maxbounty Affiliate Market provides advertisers and affiliates the best service possible by creating a smooth, global online marketing experience.

As a founder, the company does not only adapt to performance marketing’s continual evolution. However, they’ve also influenced its direction. Experience is nothing if not associated by present day proficiency. That’s why they remain committed to developing and perfecting their network’s features on a daily-basis.


Maxbounty Offers

MaxBounty offers new affiliates $1,000 performance-based bonus. Provided they earn at least $1,000 per month in their first three months on the affiliate network. The bonus can be redeemed from the fourth month with the market.

Maxbounty Payment Methods

The “When” of getting paid by MaxBounty network is in fact a two-step process. Firstly, you start off on a net-15 payment terms, this simply means that whatever you earn in a particular month will be paid to you on the 15th of the following month.

Secondly, with time you graduate to a weekly payment terms whereby your payment will come in every week.  Payments to affiliates are made through PayPal, Intercash, eCheck, ACH, Wire, Bitcoin or Check.

Here’s How To Get Approved By Maxbounty Affiliate Network

Getting approved on MaxBounty is a bit difficult. A lot of people try to join MaxBounty because it’s one of the best affiliate network. Therefore, following some techniques before applying is advisable.

It is important to note that, it is compulsory to have your own website or landing page and Skype ID to get you approved.


Registration Process

Step 1: Go to the Maxbounty Official website at

Step 2: Click on “BECOME AN AFFILIATE”

Step 3: Click on “JOIN MAXBOUNTY NOW”

Step 4: You’ll be required to fill in a form with your basic information such as; Your Name, Your Company’s name, (if you do not have a company, you can use an imaginary company’s name, for example: – Wave & App Pvt. Ltd. )

Step 5: Create and verify a strong password

Step 6: On the next page, you’ll be required to answer a security question then proceed

Step 7: You’ll be required to input your contact details such as; phone number, email address, skype ID etc.

Step 8: You’ll be required to input your address information such as; your street address, name of city, state of province, name of country and postal code.

Step 9: Click on next to submit your experience, here’s the tricky part because you’ll be asked some tricky questions such as;

What Is Your Experience?

Select: I have some experiences, and have received at least one payment from a network.

Describe Your Past Experience In Affiliate Marketing

Here you need to tell them where you’ve worked before and why you choose Maxbounty. See the example below:

I have worked on CJ affiliate and Rakuten Affiliate network platforms for 2 years. I am also aware that there are several other companies like Peerfly, never Blue, jvzoo, ShareAsale, But after proper research done, I have chosen MaxBounty to increase my earnings because of the following:

  1. Maxbounty pays higher for campaigns.
  2. They have a high class tracking system and quality campaigns.
  3. Their security system is top notch
  4. MaxBounty has over 2000+ campaigns. That means multiple options.

How Do You Intend To Promote Offers?

I will promote my offers using social media advertising platforms as a source of my traffics. I have advertised in Facebook in the past most of the time and high paying campaigns on Instagram and Snapchat for few times.

What Offers Are You Looking For?

Select: Health Niches, Different types of Courses, Loan and Insurance offers, Gambling offers.

Step 10: You’ll be required to submit your website URL

Step 11: Click on “NO” when you’re asked “if it’s your account for incentive traffic?”

Step 12: Read and accept the terms and conditions by clicking next

Step 13: A verification link will be sent to your email, check and verify

Step 14: Final step is an interview, ensure to call your manager after adding him/her on Skype. You’ll be asked some few questions regarding what you wrote above. After answering the questions, you’re good to go.


Final Words On Maxbounty Affiliate Network

Maxbounty’s team are driven by people who have their fingers on the pulse of performance marketing, professionals who aren’t afraid of change, challenging norms, and implementing new ideas that aim to transform the network.

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