How to Start a Computer Business Centre in Nigeria

How to Start a Computer Business Centre 

Let’s talk about How to Start a Computer Business Centre in Nigeria.

Computer business centers are shops where you can get your office related documents and where services like printing, scanning, photocopying, laminating and some minor online services like job registration, checking of results and many others are rendered. You can find them mostly in tertiary institutions, near banks and offices as they can’t do without their services.

It is highly lucrative because people can’t do without their service. Most schools do not have computer libraries where all devices should be placed so when it is time for exams, they give out their questions to a typist to type for them. Some computer centres can go as far as rendering major online services, they are called cyber Cafes.

This article is about how you can start a Computer business center and run it successfully while making your money steady. Though we are in the computer age where everyone can do almost everything on their phone but there are still people that needs the services of computer centers, but it  hasn’t stopped you from starting this business because it is still profitable nevertheless.

How to Start a Computer Business Centre 

How to Start a Computer Business Center

Get your capital

You would be needing up to like #500,000 because you need to rent a shop, repair or repaint the shop to make it look attractive, buy your equipments and keep some money aside to fuel your generator as you can’t quickly make profit on the first week of operation.

Get a Location

After getting your capital, the next step is getting a location. Your location should be closer to schools (for primary and secondary) and offices is the best as they have loads of work to type and print while getting a location inside a tertiary institution is also good, though you would have many competitor but that would not stop you from making your own money.

Get your equipments

After getting a location, the next thing thing to do is to buy your items which includes:

  • desktop
  • printer
  • generator
  • laminating machine
  • scanner
  • camera (for taking passport)
  • chairs
  • table
  • fan
  • flash drives
  • UPS
  • stabilizers

You can add up items to sell which will bring additional profit. Such items include;

  • A4 paper
  • writing materials
  • envelope
  • spiral binding paper
  • gum
  • stapler
  • file
  • file jacket
  • performing machine
  • ink pad etc.

Getting your gadgets is not a problem as there are several places that can make them available to you even at cheap prices and they would also deliver to your doorstep.Example of such companies are Jumia and Konga where you can easily get quality products at cheap and affordable prices with warranty, which means you can return the product if it should develop any fault within the year of warranty and it would either be replaced or repaired as soon as possible.

Conclusion on How to Start a Computer Business Centre in Nigeria

Advertise your business by printing and giving out fliers and also reducing cost. Even though many people are into this business, it has not stopped you from starting and making your own money. With this business, you can get twice as much as you invest.

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