How To Start A Fashion Design Business in Nigeria

The Nigerian fashion industry is a multi billion dollar industry. The market is getting bigger and bigger as more people become fashion aware, meaning you can achieve more if you get creative and discover how to put your ideas into good use in the fashion business. This article will serve as a guide on how to start the business.

Who is a fashion designer?

A Fashion Designer is someone who designs  fashionable clothes for individuals or groups of people. As a fashion designer, you need to be fashion conscious to be able to satisfy your customers.

Fashion design is a  business  in  Nigeria that has a record of high achievers, both past and present. It is an industry that support and promote looking good, you can decide your profit in this business. You can even decide if you want to go international with your fashion design business. A fashion designer needs to be creative in designing clothes for customers. As it is, the secret for success in fashion design business is creativity.

Skills needed to start up a fashion design business in Nigeria

Here are some important skills you need to possess for your fashion design business to succeed.

  • Good managerial skills
  • Creative skills
  • Marketing skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Time management skills

To start a fashion design business, you must be prepared to think and act like an entrepreneur.

How To Start A Fashion Design Business in Nigeria

Step by step guide to launch your fashion design business in Nigeria;

Write a business plan

The prerequisite to starting a lasting business is planning for it. Don’t flow with the Nigerian convention and just summarily plunge into your business without preparing a business plan. That’s a terrible mistake. Don’t do it. If you don’t know how to prepare a business plan, you could always outsource this to business consultants to do as having a good business plan can be the difference between your business’s success or failure.

Know your target market

Without knowing your target customers or clients, you simply cannot move forward with your business plans. Who precisely are your customers? Do some research to know what trends of colors, styles, designs, etc that people like these days. What is the purchasing capacity of your customers? You should be able to satisfactorily provide answers to these questions. This will help you to focus your marketing strategy on attracting the exact client you want.

Have an official website

People search the internet a lot these days to source for choice products or services. Get your target audience to see your business by putting up an official website. Do this before you officially launch your business, it’s better to create awareness for your business before you get it off the ground.

Your capital requirements

With a sum of N500,000 you should be able to start up a fashion design business and grow it to a bigger outfit. This money should cover rent, labour and the acquisition of equipments needed to startup.

Materials and equipments needed

Here are the basic materials and equipments needed to start up a small fashion design business;

Sewing machine

You will need a complete set of sewing machine

Weaving machine

This machine is used as a finishing instrument to make your work much neater

Embroidery machine

This machine is used to make designs on clothes


Furniture fittings will be required for sitting and also work tables

Sewing materials

Sewing materials like thread, pins, tape rule, needle, scissors etc have to be purchased.

Generator set

A generator set should be purchased to help power your equipments when power goes out

Pressing irons

These will also be required for straightening of clothes.

Have a vision for brand identity

You should have a vision for the advancement of your business so that you can work with that. This will help you in building a brand identity that is different and unique from your competitors.

Profitability of fashion design business

The profit margin in the fashion design business usually depends on the fashion designer. So you get to set your own prices, however, you should work with what is generally charged and acceptable.

On the whole, your profit depends on the number of jobs you get per day and the number of jobs you can deliver on a daily basis. For this reason, it is recommended that you seek to hire as much labour as possible for a smoother running of your business.


With these tips above, you can be assured that you will be raking in profits from investing in a fashion business. Take the dive, ensure you undergo careful analysis and investigation before you start this business, be well aware of your chances, and above all, follow your heart, it  really never fails!

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