How to Start a Restaurant Business in Nigeria

Here’s how to start a restaurant business in Nigeria. Keep reading.

A restaurant is a place that prepares and serve meals to customers in exchange for money. Most times it is difficult for people to cook in their houses especially those that have to wake up as early as 5: am to prepare for work.

Lagos is a good example of a place that won’t give people the chance to cook at home but eat outside because once it is 7 am, everywhere will be crowded, to get to your destination will be a big problem. Even at the close of work, people would have been exhausted and get home very late because of traffic. That is where restaurants comes in to provide meals for such people.

Even those that cook and eat at home before heading for work in the morning will still want to eat during break at work; they visit restaurants for this. When it comes to food, it is highly lucrative as people cannot do without eating. Any one into food business will surely make it , that is why many eateries have been established recently.

When you get to some street, you will find nothing less than 5 eateries with several canteens( local restaurants). You don’t need any special talent to start up a restaurant, all you need is your capital to start up and the passion for cooking.

How to Start a Restaurant Business

How to start your restaurant business in Nigeria

Write your business plan

The first step in starting any business is to write your business plan. A business plan is a plan showing what you want to do and how you want to execute them.

Choose your restaurant niche

There are different types of restaurant to choose from, decide on the type of restaurant you want to go into, be it fast food, barbecue, quick service restaurant or casual restaurants.

Choose your location

One of the most important thing to consider in setting up a business is the location i.e. the business must be located in an open place or in a place where most people visit everyday; may be a junction or bus stop or even a park.

Get your capital for the restaurant business

Without capital, no business will ever exist, everything written in the business plan will be executed with money. Though money is not easy to come by nowadays so you can either borrow from family and friends which may be kind of difficult though or you take loans from financial institution. There are some microfinance banks that would easily give loans to you without collateral.

Register your business

You have to register your business with CAC (corporate affairs commission) a body responsible for company registration so that you can operate legally.

Employ good staff

Once you have gotten your capital and registered your business, then you can start your business fully by employing good, neat and competent staff. When hiring, there are some qualities to look out for such as good customer relation, neatness, good taste bud, creativity etc.

Buy utensils for the restaurant business

A lot of kitchen utensils will be needed, all these will cost a lot so get ready to spend money. Make sure you get quality ones that would last for a very long time so that you don’t end up buying them frequently.

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