How to Start Soap Making Business In Nigeria

Have you been thinking of a stress-free business you can start from the comfort of your home? What if I bring the idea of soap making business which will fetch you a lot of money when you are consistent in it.

Soap making is a very big business not only in Nigeria but all over the world. it has the highest percentage of the FMCG products, it is an everyday product which people cannot do without because it serves different purposes from washing clothes to washing of plates, to cleaning our homes, offices, eateries, health centres and many more.

Soap making is of different categories such as bar soap, detergent, bathing soap, washing soap also known as toilet soap and many more like that. The most interesting thing about this business is that you can make as much profit even if you start with producing small quantity before your business booms into a bigger one where you start distributing for bigger companies.

How to Start a Soap Business

Steps to Take in Soap Making Business

Experience they say is the best teacher. You should learn from an expert for about one month if you are a fast learner before starting so you can know the advantages attached to the business and also the shortcomings that you may likely face when you start the business.

  • Before starting this business, you have to think of a unique way to deliver your products to your potential customers be it in shape, quality, size, color or smell as many people are into the business and you won’t want to do something similar to the popular soaps in the market. Yours has to be different, you product has to be known for something in particular. Also, choosing a perfect brand name for your business is important.
  • With as little as #50,000, you can start the business ( that is if you will be making it from your home). You can read one of our articles on how to get loan to start your business.Get the necessary materials such as a mould, trimming machine, cutting machine, hand gloves, measuring cup, hand towel, spoon and chemicals such as oil, organic, caustic soda, colours, PKO cleansing and Bubbles, sodium silicate, sodium sulphate and perfume to start your business.
  • Don’t forget to put on your hand glove when mixing the chemicals because they are very strong and can damage one’s hand if care is not taken.
  • You can start by selling to nearby schools, hospitals, hotels, offices and anywhere you know soap is a necessity. You can even sell to your friends and family and get reviews from them so that you can know where to improve before becoming a big distributor.


Though the economy is not that good right now and businesses may not move the way it used to be but that doesn’t stop you from starting your business. Don’t get tired along the way, don’t get frustrated or dejected, strive to meet up with other competitors you may encounter and you will become big.

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