How To Start A Successful Cleaning Business in Nigeria

How To Start A Successful Cleaning Business in Nigeria

Cleaning is the process of removing unwanted substances, such as dirt, infectious agents, and other impurities, from an object or environment. Cleaning occurs in many different contexts, and uses many different methods. Several occupations are devoted to cleaning.

Here are few things to consider as you are about starting cleaning business in Nigeria:

Where do I clean?

This is the initial question that should come to your mind as you are about to begin. Knowing where and who needs your services will help you determine the size of your company, the equipment you need, if you need workers and if yes how many to start with.

These are basically the things to consider so you don’t keep acquiring things for irrelevant purposes. If it is just household cleaning services you are running, then you probably will not need some equipment like when you are running both industrial and household cleaning services.

Who can start a cleaning Company?

Well, anybody can start a cleaning company but there are equally few things to be considered. If you are trained cleaner or have some cleaning experience then you are good enough to start a cleaning company and run it yourself but if you have no experience in this field then there is a need to higher experience personnel.

However, be it you are an experienced cleaner or novice you still need people to work with if you are looking at establishing a large cleaning company.

Do I need any certification to start this?

Well, I won’t say no in totality but trust me it is not compulsory you have one if you don’t have any at the moment except for higher industrial cleaning which may require HSE certification.

How To Start A Successful Cleaning Business in Nigeria

Here are step to start your cleaning company in Nigeria:

1. Determine the initial size of your company

This seems to be most important aspect to as it will also guide you on which equipment to buy and how you will work.

Think about how you want your company to be at the initial stage. It is not quite compulsory to start big especially if you don’t have the required capital but is necessary in order to be able to compete if you are in cities with numerous cleaning company.

You can as well decide to start little but create that one thing that will make client look for you.

2. Get equipment storage space or office

It is as well important to have a storage space as this is where your equipment will be stored and should equally serve as a contact point for your company.

Your storage space should be big enough to contain the number of equipment you intend to buy to avoid damage of material.

3. Buy equipment/materials

This should come after you must have gone through your feasibility study to find out prices of equipment. Remember, the equipment you buying have to go with the size of your company.

So a medium scale cleaning company you will need thing like:

  • degreaser
  • abrasive handle
  • surface sanitizer
  • toilet rim blocks
  • vacuum cleaner
  • window blind brush
  • scrubbing brush
  • spray mop
  • fiber noodle dust mob
  • electric scrubber cleaner
  • protective gloves
  • cleaning detergent
  • bleaching agents
  • soap solutions

These are just the thing you need to start up with though most of them will be more than one.

4. Hire hands to work with

Cleaning on some occasion can be very tough, so you need people to work with. Who you employ all depends on what you want, you may choose to employ trained cleaners or unskilled and train them if you are already an expert in the field.

Employing expert will cost you more money and employing novice to train will equally take you time but if you are an expert and can train then you may consider the option of employing to train.

The number you employ will all depend how large or small your company capacity is or the scale of job you expect to get.

5. Advertise your cleaning services

Starting a business is one thing but letting people know about it is another difficult thing and that’s where advertisement comes in.

Not necessarily a television or radio advert, you can use other cheaper medium to publicize your establishment thanks to the popularity of social media (facebook, istagram, twitter, snapshat and others).

Posting of bills around cities and other popular places is one other option of getting people to know about your company.

You can also get a car, paint and design the body with your company name and logo which will create attention anytime it is passing. However, it is also advisable to run radio and tv advert as it tends to reach a greater percentage of the population.

6. Get a website for your company

The need for website in this century cannot be overemphasized. This is simply one avenue to get close to your potential client as more people tend to seek solution to their daily problems on the internet.

With website, client don’t need to come to your office to order for service(s) as they can do that online in the comfort of their home.

So, you should in your website be able to list all the services, how you go about them and maybe how much they go for. Your website should also have a contact page where people can get to you or your company management team.

7. Expand your company

At this stage you must have gathered enough experience in this field and shouldn’t be afraid to invest more. This will mean buying bigger equipment, getting more staffs and perhaps getting a bigger storage space. This will definitely mean getting bigger job and pay as well.

These are just the basic steps you need to pass through when starting a cleaning company here in Nigeria.

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