How To Start Cake Baking Business In Nigeria

One of the reasons cake business is very promising and can be sustained is because it doesn’t have season; it can be sold and consumed at anytime. Make more money today by starting a cake business.

What is a Cake?

Cake is a kind of sweet baked desert. It can also be said to be a sweet food that is prepared from a mixture of flour, shortening, sugar, eggs, butter and other ingredients through baking and often times decorated. It has a feeling that is why if you eat a chunk or plenty of the cake you will not want to eat any other food again. One interesting thing about cake business is that a good cake sells itself.

Reasons to venture in cake cake business

If you have passion for cake making in the country, the following are some of the reasons why you should start up your cake baking business as soon as possible.

Cakes are in high demand in the country

This is very true about cakes, they are in high demand and there is hardly a day that goes by without cakes being ordered for. Many people love cakes and consume it any time of the day. This is one reason why cake business is a fast moving business in Nigeria presently. There mustn’t be an occasion before one can eat cakes. They are loved for their rich tasty flavours and can be eaten whenever one likes.

They are used to celebrate different occasions

In Nigeria today, many events will not be complete without a cake to celebrate them considering that many occasions such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries of different kinds, etc., are all celebrated with cakes as the centre of attraction. Seeing that cakes are consumed at different occasions, this means that people value cakes, thus keeping cake makers in business.

Cakes sells in all seasons

There is no special season for cakes, everyday is a cake season and it is not limited to Christmas, New Year, Easter, Salah and other holiday seasons that we are used to, when different seasonal businesses come and go. For cakes, the rush is all year round and this is one major reason why you should venture into the business if you have the passion for it.

They are affordable

Cakes are very affordable and depending on one’s budget, anyone can own a cake. Because of its affordability, many bakers have categories of clients and different price lists for everyone who desires to own a cake. This makes the cake business all the more interesting as customers keep coming and bakers keep making money to sustain their businesses. Different sizes attract different fees, ensuring that this line of business is sustained at all times.

Cost of starting cake business in Nigeria

If you want to start baking cakes right from your home, the cost of starting your business depends on your choice of equipment and this could cost from ₦40,000 upwards but if you want to take it to the next level and start in a big way, ₦170,000 – ₦300,000 or more should do for starters. Kindly note that the figures listed are estimates and they serve as a guide on how you should budget money for your business, these figures can change as you visit the market to find out more about the cake making business.


How To Start Cake Baking Business In Nigeria Steps on how to start cake business in Nigeria

The following are guidelines on how to start cake making business in Nigeria.

Get the necessary skills

Before you go into the cake baking business, you should do well to undergo the necessary training in order to acquire the skills that will help you succeed in this business. This cake making business requires creativity and you should ensure to enrol in some of the very best cake academies to help prepare you for this line of business.

Draw up an action plan

Develop a plan on how you would love to go about your business, including the type of customers you are targeting, your competitor strengths and weaknesses, your monthly targets etc. Endeavour to have a plan that guides you along the way when you start your cake business so as to achieve the best results going forward.

Set aside capital for your business

This is the start up funds you need in order to properly establish your cake baking business. You may decide to apply for grants or get a loan from family and friends or from the bank if you do not have the means to set up your business. If you get grants, the better as you do not need to pay back but if you take a loan, ensure that your cake making business can successfully repay it within a specified time frame so as not to be hindered with your progress going forward.

Get a good business name and register

Get a unique name for your business, something that is capable of turning into a big brand in the future and register your business name with the Corporate Affairs Commission.

Get the right equipment and materials

Endeavour to get the required equipment and ingredients for your cake business ready. This include: ovens, baking pans, baking boards, flour mixers, mixing bowls, scales, measuring cup, spatula etc., and your ingredients should include flour, eggs, water, sugar, baking soda, butter, syrup, different flavours for baking fruit cake, chocolate cake, whipped cream cake, to mention but a few.

Find suppliers

You need to get suppliers to get you the raw materials for your business. The best thing is to get more than one supplier to avoid being disappointed or delayed as this could affect the smooth running of your business.

Hire workers

As the business expands you will need to get help to assist you and the business. Try and get workers who are trained or you are able to train them so that they can meet up with the demands of the business.

Whether you are starting your cake baking business from home or you have secured a business space, you will need to advertise it. Most cake bakers use the power of social media to get their customers with time. Occasionally pay for sponsored posts to reach a wider audience and get them to like and follow you, as well as share your posts, and be sure to engage your customers and potential customers when they reach out to you via the comments section or through inbox.


This is a business that if properly done can be successful. Make sure you conduct a feasibility study and register you business and get the necessary government approval to start. Also, when packaging your cakes for pick up or delivery, print your names on the pack as a form of advertisement to boost your business.

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