How to Start Pampers and Baby Item Supply in Nigeria

Thinking of how to start pampers and baby item supply in Nigeria, read this article to learn more.

Business Overview of Diaper Business

Diaper refers to the clothing that helps infants to stool or pee conveniently. They are of 2 categories and they are disposable and reusable diapers. Disposable diapers are made with industrial materials and changing of diapers should always take place.

This changing should take place to reduce skin diseases like nappy rash or diaper rash. Changing of diapers can happen up to 5 times with most children and this change is necessary.

The Baby Products Industry in Nigeria

With steady population growth which shows no signs of abating, the inherent business potentials are endless. The more babies being born, the more baby products are needed. Some of these baby products include diapers. Lately, there has been a scramble for the Nigerian market among major manufacturers. Many of these companies rely on the huge population of Nigeria. However, among these baby diaper brands are those which have attained a national spread. On the other hand are smaller brands with regional coverage.

Some of the major baby products

Manufacturers in Nigeria include; Procter and Gamble also known as P&G the makers of Pampers. There are other variants of pampers such as swaddlers sensitive, Pampers baby dry, and Cruisers dry. Other major baby products manufacturers are Hayat Kimya (the manufacturers of Molfix Diapers), Fidson Products Manufacturers, makers of Cuddles and PZ Cussons, makers of a wide variety of baby care products.

Other baby care product manufacturers include Huggies Nigeria, the producers of Huggies Diaper, Rainbow Fame Industries, the producers of Cuddsies Diapers and Always Me, the producers of a variety of baby items, including pillows, fabrics, mats and socks among several others. The list can go on and on, however, you have to make your pick from the pack.

Steps To Start Diaper Business In Nigeria

1. Permits and registrations

Select or determine whether your diaper business features as a corporation, sole proprietorship or as an organization. You now enroll or register with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) of the country.

2. Conduct proper market research on diapers

Conduct the necessary and direct research so as to get a business plan suitable for your diaper business. Much market knowledge offers data for the product distribution and is also accessible. Market research enables one to know the number of people and how much they can purchase within an area. It will also enable one to fix value purposes and brands.

3. Connect to providers/suppliers of diapers

You are to purchase from the distributors, suppliers or the manufacturers. Many companies supply different categories of diapers and the build up credit accounts, provide connections and so on. Go to a few of the diaper manufacturers and offer them your demand and business proposition.

This will enable you to spend in a concise manner and budget properly for this business.

4. Make funds ready

Few of the manufacturers of diapers supply on the basis of cash and carry. Many of the companies require making part payments and this goes for a decent upfront installments. Approach the organisations with the spending plan and the business plan.

Indicate the spending plan, costs and the salary in anticipation. Highlight reach, supply citations and the market outlook.

Things to Consider

The path to becoming a diaper and other baby care products distributor is quite challenging. This is so because you have to consider several factors when choosing a company to work with. As a distributor, you will not like to do business with a company which struggles with acceptance of its products. There are companies which have done their home work in creating a reliable brand name for themselves. Choosing a successful brand will most likely impact your business positively. Your area of interest will determine the company you do business with.

Another important factor to consider is the coverage of the company. Why is coverage necessary? A company with a wider coverage is likely to have higher demand for its product than those with regional presence. Because they are restricted in their scope of operations, they are fairly known and patronage of their products will be affected.

It is necessary to scan through all these companies and the services they offer and observe which will be more beneficial for you. You can get more details on this by carrying out a survey of the industry. A good way of achieving this is by making inquiries from people already in the business. They are likely to reveal to you which products are in high demand.

To make money from diaper business, you need to follow the following procedures:

1. Import The Product Yourself

If you want to make a good profit from this business, consider importing the goods yourself. This will help you sell at a cheaper rate than your rivals.

There are a lot of manufacturers online, from whom you can order your product and they are willing to ship it down to you at an affordable shipping rate. Some may offer free shipping to your destination.

2. Choose your Customer Base

Choosing your customer base, you should bear in mind the kind of people you want to sell your products to. Your customer base determines the product category and the method you intend to use to get your product across to your customer.

You should consider supplying directly to busy, working moms in their offices or to retailers. You can also consider a door to door delivery service to stay at home moms.

3. Decide on a Reliable Producer or Supplier

To sell at cheap and discounted prices to your customer, you should decide on a supplier close by you. Make your research and find out where you can buy your quality and affordable diapers. Alternatively, you can buy directly from the manufacturer in your location or look for a good manufacturer online and make your order.

4. Choose the Brands that Move Fast

As earlier pointed out, your customer base will determine the brand you should sell. Meanwhile, make a research a find out the brands that moves faster in the market.

Brands of diapers in high demand include;


Doctor Brown’s


Toujours and Tescos

Johnsons diapers

Soft Care

Phoenix, and a whole lot of others.

5. Device and Aggressive marketing Strategy

Nowadays, people find their customers online, while some are around your neighborhood. To sell your diapers, you can decide to do a door-to-door marking in your neighborhood, church or community councils. You can use various marketing online tools to market your products, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Jiji, etc.

You can also create a website where you can showcase your various brands for customers to make a selection. Home delivery is a very important customer satisfaction strategy in online selling.

Applying for Distributorship Rights

After using the above mentioned tips in selecting a reliable company, the next step is to make your interest known to the company. Here, you may need to visit the operational headquaters for these and further inquiries, or visit their website because there are several of these companies, you may want to perform a google search on your preferred company to find out more about its requirements for doing business. An important requirement to have is the financial capacity to kickstart your business. This usually involves a payment for its products which will be delivered to you.

Most of these companies will require tht you own a shop or warehouse as well as a delivery van. Some companies have different categories of distributors. Each of these has its requirements. However, most large baby care product companies do business with only major distributors. Whatever the case may be, you should try to avoid products which will be difficult to market. When making your choice, you should choose a partner which allows a higher profit margin. By offering you a higher profit margin to start with, your business is more likely to succeed than not.

Why You Should Start a Diaper Selling Business

There is a high demand for baby diapers

Nursing mothers; high, middle and lower classes, constantly flood the market on a daily basis, looking to buy diapers for their babies. .

The market is already available for your product to sell, you don’t need to do so much marketing and advertisement. Your customers are all around you.

It does not require a huge amount of capital to start. In fact, you only need a minimum of N15,000 to start. As you make the profit, plow back and increase your capital.

The market is flooded with fake and low-quality diapers of exorbitant prices and parents would love to have access to a product they can confidently trust.

To make your diaper sell, you must sell affordable and quality diapers. Yours will definitely be cheap since you import directly from the manufacturer or licensed supplier

Methods of advertising your diaper business

1. Facebook Ads

Many suppliers and manufacturers now utilise Facebook for reaching more customers. Placing ads on Facebook promotes the business since many people use Facebook.

2. Making a website

Your website is a place for people to reach or contact you. This website should detail and explain what your business does and what products people can get from your business. Your website is the place to display your brand and ensure that you use an appropriate platform.

I recommend using a self hosted platform like WordPress and then you can go ahead and get a domain name for your business.

Your domain name is your own and should not be elsewhere except your website. Making a website is one of the best ways of advertising your business and reaching more people.

3. Banners and flyers

This is also another way of doing this and these flyers and banners should contain the information on your business. Make the flyers and banners in such a way that your customers can easily contact you.


Diaper business thrives among working mothers and business women. Importing the diapers yourself have some advantages and also ensure high quality.

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