How to Start Pap Production Business in Nigeria

Pap production business in Nigeria is known to be a very profitable venture as it can be set up to solve your financial worries while making a huge profit from it. Check out how to start the business from this article.


Pap which is popularly known as Ogi or akamu is known to be one of the favorite beverage that is being consumed by several households in Nigeria. It is produced from Guinea corn, maize, millets, and sorghum. Maize is known to be a staple food all around the world that is filled with nutrients. Maize possesses a high level of starch and also contains oils and proteins.

Pap is the starchy product gotten from grains that were soaked, washed and grinded. It can be eaten with all the legumes family (beans) family such as pottage beans, akara (bean cake), and moi-moi. It can as well be taken alone without combining anything but you have to add milk; you can allow the milk to flow on top with a sugary substance like sweetener, sugar or honey to make it very tasty.

How to Start Pap Production Business in Nigeria


Below are things needed to start up the business:

  • Packaging materials
  • Drying machine
  • Milling machine
  • Weighing scale.
  • Portable Nylon sealing machine.
  • Bowls
  • sieving cloth
  • bag to use in pressing the water out from the ogi
  • grinding machine
  • oven for drying
  • water
  • grains


Soak the grains you want to use with water in a bowl or any big container of your interest for two days. On the second day of your soaking pour out the water you used for the soaking and use another water to rinse or wash them again then take it to the grinders for them to grind them in their big machines.

Note this; you have to soak your grains for more than a day in order to get them fermented enough before grinding. This is because a well-fermented grain will grind well and when they are well grounded you will get more pap out of it. A less fermented or not well-grounded grain will not produce much pap.

Some people in other to prevent pap from smelling will hurriedly grind the grains but for those who are doing it for commercial purpose this is not ideal. After grinding the grains, pour plenty water into the bowl, make the solution to be very watery then use a scooping bowl to fetch into a sieve placed in another bowl, within few minutes you are done. This is the fastest method to use, you can keep the shaft gotten from it for other use mostly for livestock feeds.


If you are unable to sell all or consumed them in a day then you can put them in the refrigerator or melt them again inside water and keep changing the water every day in other to maintain the taste or freshness of the pap before you exhaust them. You will agree with me that akamu changes taste very fast this is due to the number of bacteria acting on them because of its glucose contents.

In other to slow this activity down you should include ginger, garlic, tiger nuts into the pap either before grinding or after processing but has to be in powder form so as to be able to mix with the pap you can even introduce them after drying the pap to powder form. Change the pap to powder form by drying under the sun or in an oven, allow the water to completely dry. Package it for sale, seal the mouth very well in other not allow air in.


  • It is raw and very natural, cannot be compared to custard in terms of nutrition.
  • Ogi is good for patients who suffers high blood pressure because of its potassium content.
  • It contains fibre which is very good in digestion.
  • Pap is good for nursing mothers, babies and the elderly because of its soluble content.


The profit varies from person to person and from one location to another but the facts remains that the profit potentials is high.

To make more money from pap business buy the grains in bags directly from the farm or wholesalers.


  • Pap business does not require huge capital; you can start the business with #1,000 but the bigger the amount the bigger the profit
  • It is not difficult to start; the business can be started anytime of the year because it does not rely on seasons.
  • The demand for pap is wide as such there is a ready market for it anytime any day. The stress in it can be managed. With little or no experience you can do pap business successfully.


People openly accepts packaged foods because they believe that, apart from being authentic it is also hygienically produced. In other to attract influential or more buyers brand your product, use attractive and appealing packaging materials. Look for a nice and easy to memorize name to label it.


Advertise to your family members, friends, neighbours, colleagues etc. And sell to them. Locate big shops that sell this kind of product and sell at a discount to them example of such places are Shoprite, Park and Save, Grand Square etc.  Others are market men and women, provision shops and the likes. Since the business is new it will take an aggressive and radical marketing before it can unseat custard.


Put the quantity you want to use in a plate and dissolve with a little water, pour boiling water into the dissolve ogi observe it when it is done you will notice.

Note, do not pour the boiled water directly from the fire into it if not the akamu will have seeds in it, allow the water to cold for like 30 seconds before you pour. Also stir the dissolve ogi immediately as you are pouring the water but you have to stop after a while so the pap can cook well.


There are people who are already out of business in this pap production business and this is due to their mode of processing. That is why you should be very careful while processing your pap, be sure that after grinding you dry your pap immediately before mixing all the required additives.

It should also be cautious not to soak your pap for over 2 days. For you to make your pap fresh and avoid odour you should just soak it overnight. You can also add turmeric and groundnut.


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