How to Write Visa Self-Introduction Letter

Want to learn how to write a Visa self-introduction letter? This page contains all the information you need. Read on!

Most often, when people apply for a visa, it is of 3 ways; they are going there for tourism, they are on a business trip or they are going there to study.

The reason for you traveling depends whether you will be issued a short term or a long term visa. Either short or long term, you will be needing an introduction letter which will contain everything about you.

Just think about it like an interview and you going with a cover letter. You sure do want the note to tell a lot about you, what you can do, and why you should be given the job. Same principle applies with your Visa introductory letter.

In this post, we will be teaching you how to write a visa introductory letter that converts. By conversation, I mean, one that gets you a Visa.

How to Write Visa Self- Introduction Letter

A Self-Introduction Letter

A self-introduction letter is that which contains your name, address, nationality, phone number, passport number, date of birth, educational background and qualification, the country you intend travelling, your plans and your signature.

The main purpose of writing this self introduction letter is for you to make yourself known to the consular at the embassy. The letter should be written in compliance with the type of visa you are applying for.

Introduction Letter

This type of letter is written by your employer with the company’s letterhead paper which contains the company’s address, phone number, your designation, date of employment, your destination if the trip is being sponsored by the company, duration from work and many more. The letter should be signed by either the CEO, Head of Human Resource department or the Manager depending on the size of the company.

Difference Between an Introduction Letter and a Self Introduction Letter

A self introduction letter contains all your personal information including where your going and how long you intend to stay. It will be written by you. An introduction letter on the other hand contains just few things about you and most especially your employment details. This would be written by your employer

Self-Introduction Letter for a Student Visa

if you go back to the beginning of this article, you’ll remember I said your self-introduction letter depends on the type of visa you are applying for, whether tourist, business or student visa. Here is how to write a self introduction letter as a student.

  • Before applying for a student visa, you must have applied to a school and gotten an approval letter which must have been sent to your mailbox. When you get the approval, then you can now apply for a visa and write a self introduction letter. In your letter, states that your application has been approved and you have been given admission. Attach a document showing your application to the school you applied for has been approved.
  • You are going to use this letter to properly introduce yourself. You would want to let them know a bit about your background and strengths. You should also use this opportunity to highlight your work experience if there is any.
  • Another key point you won’t want to miss mentioning is the purpose of the application. Why are you applying to study outside your country, you can give credible points like career advancement and experience, as you sure won’t want to sound too desperate, but assured about the step you are taking.
  • The embassy would surely be interested in your financial information, you would want to use this opportunity to highlight the details of all the fees you have paid into the institution and attach copies of the receipts to back up your claim.
  • If applicable depending on the type of health insurance you, you might want to also mention it in the letter.
  • The proper thing to do before traveling to another country is to have a clear accommodation plan, and this is an important mention in your visa letter.
  • To catch the interest of the embassy and to show you are readily prepared, you would need to state that you have made plans for your housing. You can also share details like the address, contact info, and name of the owner. If you don’t have any legit information on this, it is better rather not to add it at all than share false info, as this can lead to further complications.
  • Make it known to the consular in your letter that you will return to your country at the end of your course and that you will be devoted to your career.


At the end of your letter after fully stating all you have for the application, your reason for choosing to study in that particular country, and have signed it, make sure you attach the necessary documents and send them to the embassy while you wait for you to be called for your interview.

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