Infinix S4 Price In Nigeria With Specs 2021

After reading this article, you will get to know the price of Infinix S4 in Nigeria. The post also includes the Camera, Memory, and Display specifications of the device.

Hey! You, yes you. It is high time you changed your mobile phone. Or don’t you think you need a new one? Of course, you do need a new one. Besides, I have brought to you one of the best and latest phones to buy in Nigeria at the moment.

Infinix s4 price in Nigeria

And guess what? It’s an Infinix product. Infinix is known for quite a number of features, which makes the brand unique. Some of which are extreme battery life; exceptional camera, amongst the rest.

Moreover, the screens if Infinix mobile phones turn out to be the most attractive I’ve ever seen. Mentioning a few of these features, the the Infinix product I’m about to introduce to you is certainly not exempted from the circle. But, better! This phone has a beautiful screen which looks just like polished glass. And colourful as a rainbow.

Infinix S4 price in Nigeria

However, you might have friends who use this device or you have seen it online, on a flyer, on a postbill, or any other mode of advertisement. I bet you loved it at the first sight. No doubt!

But, most Nigerians tend to buy and use phones without knowing the features, specifications, the abilities of the phone they are using. Hence, of the reasons behind the publishing of this article.


Also, this article will tell you the price of Infinix S4 in Nigeria. This will help you budget ahead before going into a gadget store to purchase an Infinix Smart 4.

By the way, did you know that you can use the Infinix S4 for 3 full days without connecting your charger? Oh, you didn’t know. But, you are are fully aware now.

With the never-constant power supply in Nigeria, most phones get low on time. In fact, there was this friend of mine, who always gave the reply “E don die” whenever I asked for his mobile phone. That’s because his device couldn’t stay on for more than 24 hours.

I can assure you that Infinix Mobile brand made and launched the Infinix S4 specially for Nigerians. Most importantly, you don’t need to purchase a Power Bank anymore. If you already have one, and intend to get your own Infinix S4, please give it out to a friend. You won’t be needing it any longer.

Can you imagine what it feels like to have a cinema screen on your palm? It’s the coolest feeling ever. Everything that appears on the screen looks real. You will surely get immersed in whatever action you are performing on your device.

Hold on! I heard iPhone cameras are the best. How true is that? I don’t agree with it. Infinix Smart 4 camera pictures are clearer and sharper. Zoom in or Zoom out, you get your natural object in the same image.


Enough of the long talk. Let’s see for ourselves what this Infinix S4 can perform. I promise you will be wowed.

In summary, this article will give the specification and price of Infinix S4 in Nigeria. Read the article to the end.

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Infinix S4 Specifications

1. Size and Weight.

Length – 6.6 inches

Width – 3 inches

Thickness – 0.33 inch

2. Platform.


  • GSM: B3/B8
  • WCDMA: B1/B8
  • FDD: B3/B7/B20

 Network                  2G/3G/4G

 CPU Frequency      2.0GHz

Infinix S4 price in Nigeria

3. Data.

3G         √

4G         √

GPRS    √

EDGE     √

4. Camera.

Location                 Front/Rear  

Pixels.                     Front(5MP)/                                                          Rear(8MP + QVG)

AF/FF.                      5M FF/8M + QVGA 

Flash Light              √

Video Recording     √

Video                         [email protected]

Image Size                Rear: 3264×2448

                                    Front: 2560×1920

5. Memory.

ROM                               32GB/64GB

RAM                               3GB/6GB

External Memory         Up to 256GB

6. Display.

Size                       6.61 Inch

Type                      IPS

Resolution            HD+1600×720

Material                TFT

7. Multimedia.

Audio Player              MP3,MIDI,AMR,WAV

Ringtone for MAT     MIDI, MP3

Video Player              3GP,MP4,AVI

Picture from AT         PNG,JPEG,BMP,GIF

8. Entertainment.

FM Radio                   √

Voice Recording       √

E-Book Reader           3rd Party App

Game                           3rd Party App

9. Message.

Email          3rd Party App

MMS           3rd Party App

10. Battery.

Capacity             4000mAh

Talk Time           2G:41h ; 3G:26.5

Standby Time    390h


11. Connection.

SIM Card Slot         Dual Nano SIM

GPS Navigation      √

WiFi(WLAN)            IEEE 802.11   a/b/g/n

Bluetooth                √  Micro USB 5PIN

OTG                          ×

Earphone                √ 3.5 Jack

Charge Output        5V – 1.2A

FM                             √

12. Sensors and Tools.

G-Sensor            √

E-compass         √

Gyroscope          √

Light Sensor        √

Proximity Sensor  √

Fingerprint            √

Face Unlock          √

13. Operating System.

Operating System       Android™ 9 Pie

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What is the Price of Infinix S4 in Nigeria?

Infinix Smart 4 prices in Nigeria vary depending on seller; environment; season; and model amongst other factors. Right now, I know you are. eager to know the price. Just be patient, you will get your answer now.

Infinix S4(32GB ROM+3GB RAM) price begins from N65,000.

Infinix S4(64GB ROM+6GB RAM) price begins from N69,500.

Infinix S4 price in Nigeria

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