Money and its usefulness

Are you the type that is always requesting for money from people without even knowing what money is? Haven’t you been curious to know what it is? Don’t get caught unawares, read this article now to know more about money and its usefulness.

Everybody wants to make money, this is inclusive of young children that knows little about money. I am sure if i ask like about 30 people what money is, only few of them will be able to answer because all what most of us know is just to make money, we really don’t know in particular what money is, the type of money and the qualities it portrays. Today, we are going to be looking at money and the types.

Money and its Usefulness

Money is anything that is accepted by the society as a means of exchange, which is the main function of money. We can see that money is very important that is why it is being taught at all levels of education which is the primary schools, secondary schools and tertiary institutions.

Before the existence of currencies, many things such as food, cowries, mirror and animals were used as a means if exchange. It was very easy in those days because there was nothing like stealing. You can easily put your goods or farm produce outside without sitting there all day and anyone that has something to exchange will do it and put whatever he has in place of what you kept there which will be of equal value.

As things gets better, the means of exchange went from animals to gold and silver which was later transformed into coins before the adventure of paper money which we now use. Though other forms of money like bitcoin, pincoin, eutherium, litecoin and many more like that is gradually taking over the means of exchange all over the world.

Usefulness of Money

  • Solving a lot of life problems has been done with the use of money from paying school fees, feeding, paying for accommodation, transporting ourselves around and other things have been made easy with the use of money.
  • Money has also helped to settle many debts most especially now that the situation of our country is not friendly at all. Almost 90% of people have borrowed money from one place or the other and it is still with money that will be used to settle these debt
  • We all can’t deny the fact that money brings happiness. if a person that has been sick for days should get an alert of a huge amount, the sickness will fly away just like a bird. Money makes people happy as it helps them to get what they desire.
  • poverty is not an option, hence, money helps to live a better and purposeful life. You will be surprised at how young guys of nowadays keep building houses and buying different cars, all these all done with money.No one wants to be broke.


This article should add more to your knowledge about money. Don’t just sit at home idle, find something doing to fetch you money as money solves all problems.

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