Mouka Foam Price In Nigeria ([month_year])

Read this article to know the Mouka Foam Price in Nigeria. There are different prices for different Mouka Products. This post will tell you everything you need to know.

A day is never complete without a night. Therefore, it is of utmost important to make the night worthwhile. Sleep and wake up the following day as a new person. Your bed matters!

Mouka Foam price in Nigeria

I always think of home whenever I went out. You know why? I always wanted to get back home on time to lie on my bed once again. The feeling is on top of the world.

In the Foam Industry, Mouka Foam is known as one of the best, in terms of quality, durability, affordability, comfort, and the likes. Name them.

In addition, Mouka Foam designs its products to help your body relief itself from ache. Just a night on it, and you’ll no longer complain of back pains.

Also, If you are seeking for comfort, Mouka Foam is for you. Or luxury? The Mouka Collection also consists of beds which are wide and thick enough to sustain your body weight and width. For example, You could decide to sleep on your bed with your wife and two kids. The Mouka Flora is certainly for you.

However, knowing the types of Foam for you isn’t enough, but knowing the price is. Mouka Foam products are affordable for Nigerians and have the finest quality.

Therefore, I will be telling you the price of Mouka Foam in Nigeria. Make sure you continue reading this article to find out what the price is and proceed to get yours.


But, there are different Mouka Foam Products. As a result, I will name the different products and the prices of each. Note that the price may differ by size.

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Mouka Foam Price In Nigeria (Mattresses).

Here, I will telling you about all the Products in the Mouka Foam Mattress Category. For whatever purpose you need a Foam for, Mouka Foam collections will always suit your preferences.

For example, you might wish to get a bed for your newly born baby, or get a bed for your patients at your hospital; You might even need one for your own personal comfort and luxury.

The point is Mouka Foam is always there. Presently, they are the best in the Industry. The following are the Products in the Mouka Foam Mattress Collection;

1. WELLBEING™ – This kind of mattresses are perfect for superb sleep. Have a good night rest with a big splash of luxury and exceptional comfort.

The Mouka Wellbeing™ Collection has a variety of foam types ranging from Firm through medium to soft. It is very ideal for your adequate muscular well-being, especially the spine.

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To clarify, if you are the type who works really hard during the day and as a result sustains body pains, then I can assure you Mouka Wellbeing™ was made specifically for you. So, why not take a look at the prices.


  • Mouka Regal (Orthopaedic)

Price: N67,616 – N169,034

Mouka foam price in Nigeria

  • Mouka Regina (Semi-Orthopaedic)

Price: N42,453 – N113,389

Mouka foam price in nigeria

2. MAINSTREAM™ – The Mouka Mainstream Collection consist of the highest quality and most beautifully crafted mattresses specially made to offer your body supreme comfort while sleeping.

Wake up everyday feeling refreshed. There will be certainly no need to take body ache relief pills anymore.

  • Mondeo Spring

Price: N60,976 – N103,623


  • Flora Premier

Price: N38,835 – N75,515


  • Super Flora

Price: N24,809 – N130,358

Mouka Foam price in Nigeria

  • Flora

Price: N7527 – N137,999

Mouka Foam price in nigeria

3. Economy™ – Get a Mouka top quality mattress at a very affordable price. This kind is suitable for the average Nigerian.

However, Price Undiscussed, the comfort derived from the Mouka Economy is top class.

  • Comfy

Price: N6,684 – N39,763


4. Dreamtime For Kids™High quality, durable and beautifully crafted mattresses designed to give your kid’s body a great and soothing comfort while asleep.

Let your Kid wake up every morning refreshed and at alert. With this, they can always be smart during school activities.

  • Dreamtime Kiddies

Price: N10,041 – N18,063


  • Baby Mattress

Price: N8,022 – N8,691

Mouka Foam price in Nigeria

Mouka Contact Information

WhatsApp – 0908 720 1966

Calls – 0908 720 2420

That is all for the Mouka Foam Price in Nigeria. The best step now is to proceed to an outlet to purchase a product.

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