Pineapple Farming and its Benefits

This page features all you need to know about Pineapple farming in Nigeria and its benefits. Read on!

Pineapple is a juicy and one of the sweetest and most consumed fruit in the world. it contains antioxidant and other nutrients which helps to fight diseases such as cancer and diabetes.

Pineapple Farming and its Benefits

Health Benefits of Pineapple

  • it helps digestion
  • aids quick recovering from wound or surgery.
  • boosts the immune system
  • helps our growth.
  • it reduces stress
  • it helps to relieve pain
  • it reduces fat in the body
  • regulates blood pressure
  • it improves fertility
  • it fights skin burn and reduces wrinkles,
  • it helps our mental health,
  • it helps to treat acne
  • it increases sexual stamina
  • it prevents hypertension

Pineapple leaf can absorb large quantity of fluid which makes it survive during dry season. In africa, Nigeria is the largest producer of pineapple and is also ranked the 7th position in the whole world. It serves as a source of food and medicine and can also be used as juice.

Types Of Pineapples

Smooth Cayenne Pineapple

This type of pineapple has no spine with the leaves striped which contains low-fibre flesh it is sweeter than the common pineapple and it contains low acid.

Queen Pineapple

This is a dwarf pineapple variety that can tolerate more cold and disease than Smooth Cayenne. It produces dark yellow, fragrant fruits with a small core.

Red Spanish Pineapple

This is the type of pineapple variety grown in the West Indies, Mexico, and Venezuela. The fruits are high in fibre, the color is light yellow.

How to plant your pineapple

The first step in starting a pineapple business is to get a fertile land, if you own one you can turn it into a farm and if you don’t have you can rent or rather, buy as it will be useful for you later. The best type of soil to plant pineapple is sandy soil.

After getting your land, you need remove all weeds that can hinder the growth of the pineapple. Thereafter, you can make your beds and start planting your pineapple either with the sucker or the crown(when the sucker is planted, it grows within nine months while the crown grows in twelve months).

Obstacles of Pineapple Farming

All businesses have advantage and also shortcomings. Below are some of the obstacles one can experience when starting a pineapple farming business.

  • Absence of ready market for the product
  • Problem of pest and disease
  • Lack of storage facilities
  • Inadequate capital for large scale production
  • No government support
  • Not popularly known
  • Lack of a highly favourable market
  • Poor funding of research activities
  • Burning of bush
  • Lack of efficient production mechanisms
  • Poor access to the international market
  • Instability of the international market price
  • Lack of farm machinery
  • Thieves and criminals

Conclusion On Pineapple Farming in Nigeria

Pineapple is a highly nutritious fruit and it is a very lucrative business to venture into. It has diverse uses (such as making juice with it, using it as flavour for foods, eating it as fruit etc.) and benefits which has been stated in the article.

I hope this article will be of great help in starting your pineapple business.

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