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Secure Funding For Your Poultry Business Using A Standard Business Plan With 3 Years Financial Analysis

“No 1 reason poultry farmers don’t get funding in Nigeria is due to lack of business plan”

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Why Poultry Farmers Should Have A Business Plan?

According to statistics, Nigeria consumes 1.5 million Metric Tones of poultry meat, but the problem is that only 30% is produced locally while the remaining 70% is imported. Another stats from CBN,  shows $3 billion is spent annually on frozen meat importation.

With the above information, it is obvious that poultry farming is a lucrative but adequate funding remains a challenge. Poultry farmers often find it difficult convincing investors or banks to lend them money and it is often due to lack of bankable business plan. Having a well written business plan with proper financial analysis is your first step to success. A prospective investor by reading your business plan will be convinced to invest in your business and commercial banks can give you loan because they can see a road map in place on how to get back their money.

3 Year Financial Analysis

This is the most important aspect of  a good business plan. Investors are interested in knowing how much you need, how you will raise the money and how you will spend it.

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Highly Customizable

This is not a template but a well written and ready made business plan which you can edit to suit your business needs.

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Amazing Support

When you order a business plan from us that’s not all, we also offer mentorship and ongoing support should in case you get stuck along the way.

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What Is Included In The Plan

After purchase, ths business plan will be deliverd to you in a pdf/MS Word format while the 3 years financial will come in excel.

What You Will Get

your complete business plan including the financials will be sent to you through email.

Complete Plan

It includes all necessary sections such as, Executive summary, Company Description, Industry Analysis, Marketing Strategy, Operations, Development,  Financials Projection. 

Seperate Financial Document

The 3 years financial analysis is in a different document and it will be delivered in an excel format.

Benefits Of The Poultry Business Plan


You should not pay any expert to write a business plan for you, our business plan is a DONE FOR YOU package which you just need to carry out few changes and it is all yours.


Since nearly eveything has been done for you, then no need to start from scratch. Just take it to the bank.


Having a business plan let you know what to do in order to succeed in your business and stick to it.It enhances your focus.


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