Requirements for Student Visa

Are you one of the one thousand Nigerian youth that wants to leave this country? Don’t be left out, continue reading to know more about how you can do it.

In our last article, we talked about the business and tourist visa, today, we will be talking on the student visa and other types of visa which I know a lot of people will be interested in as the rate of people moving out and those that wants to move out of Nigeria is alarming.

Requirements for Student Visa

Student Visa

A student visa is usually issued to those that wish to go for higher education in another neighboring country or wish to further their education. Lately, may be due to the economic situation, a lot of Nigerians are seen moving out of the country to seek greener pasture since the country is not improving their situations.

To apply for a student visa, one must have gotten admission in a certain school abroad i.e. you must have sent an application letter to the school while the school must have sent you an approval letter before you proceed to apply for visa.

Requirements for Student Visa

Before applying for a student visa, there are somethings you need to provide which will be sent to the embassy with your visa application letter, such as:

  • the information page on your passport. note that your passport must be valid at least six months after you leave the country
  • passport photograph taken within the last three months with white background
  • your admission letter
  • proof of financial support
  • an evidence of vasa application fee
  • copy of transcript ( for those intending to go for masters program or postgraduate studies)
  • proof of accommodations for those that would not like to stay in the accommodation provided by the school
  • you must not have any criminal record
  • an assurance that you would leave the country after your studies
  • provide medical proof that shows you are sound and healthy
  • provide proof of fund to satisfy your fees feeding and accommodation
  • recommendation letter will also be needed.
  • depending on the country you choose, proof of english language test may be required
  • after applying, if approved, a visa interview will be scheduled for you

Work Visa

This is usually refers to as a work permit. It is the type of visa which allows people to seek employment in other countries. Before such visa can be granted, the person must have gotten a job abroad while a copy of the employment letter would be attached with other documents that would be sent to the embassy for approval.

Immigration Visa

This is a permanent visa issued to a person to stay and work in a country permanently. This type of visa can be gotten through employment, when you have relatives in such country, through asylum status, by marriage, investing in such country or winning a lottery ticket. This does not mean they have become a citizen of such country, but they can apply for citizenship after five years of staying in the country.


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