Types of Visa

One of the most crucial thing when travelling to another country is your visa because it is like an entry ticket, without it, you can’t go anywhere. This article will make you understand the different types of visa you can apply for.

A visa is a seal of approval on a passport that enables one to enter or stay in another country for a specific period of time either temporarily or permanently. A visa contains the information of the holder, how long the person has to stay in the country, the activities to be carried out and what not to do in the destination country.

Types of Visa

Types of Visa You Should Know

Business Visa

A business visa is the type of visa issued to people who wants to undertake business activities in a country different from their home country. The type of visa issued to such people is a temporal visa which is within one to three months depending on whether the applicant has met the requirements.Health workers who wants to go for seminars, researchers,non governmental organisation workers and lots more are the type of people issued business visa to.

To apply for a business visa, you’ll submit an invitation letter from companies you want to partner with and if it is a seminar, all document involving the seminar will also be submitted.

Tourist / Visitors Visa

This is the type of visa issued to visitors that wants to spend time away from their country; those that wants to go on vacation, those that wants to go on sightseeing or holiday. Most times, well-to-do parents take their children to other countries for vacation and camping so they can enjoy thier holiday and have fun and exciting stories to write and tell their friends when school resumes.

The visa is for a short period as well.it is not only issued to those that go for vacation, some tourists travel to take documentaries of ancient artifacts, paintings, museums and lots more.However, people that have relatives in other countries can also apply for a tourist visa if an invitation has been sent to them by their relative abroad to come and spend sometime with them.

Such visa would be granted if the they assure the consular that that will be of good behavior by following the laid down rules and regulations of the country and that they would return to their home country when their visa expires. When applying for a visiting or tourist Visa there are something’s to note:

  • to apply for a visiting or tourist visa, an invitation letter must be attached to show that you have been officially invited to come over
  • if a child wants to go visit his or her parents, such child would have to provide an evidence that shows they have the same surname.
  • Also,a prove of financial support from the invitee would be needed. this will be attached to the documents that would be sent to the embassy, this is to show the consular that the person inviting you has the financial capability to take care of your needs for the short time you will spend with them.
  • Not to forget, a prove of accommodation like hotel reservation for those going for tourism should also be provided.


We have other visa types that we would talk about in our next article, however, before applying for any type of visa make sure you have your international passport which should be valid at least 3 months after you leave your home country.

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