Union Bank USSD Code: How To Buy Airtime, Transfer Money, Check Balance & Account Number

Want to know Union Bank USSD Code and how to use it to buy airtime, transfer funds, check your balance or account number? You should read this.

In this guide, I will show you the official Union Bank code for USSD banking and how to use it for any transaction on your mobile phone.

What Is Union Bank USSD Code And How Does It Work?

The official Union Bank of Nigeria USSD code for mobile transactions is *826#.

To register for USSD banking with Union Bank, simply dial the code *826# on your mobile phone using the line linked to your Union Bank of Nigeria account.

After dialing the code on your phone, you will be required to input your Union Bank account number, date of birth, ATM Card details and 4-digits personal identification number (PIN).

The essence of the PIN is for you to be able to authorize your mobile or USSD banking transactions with it.

The most interesting thing you need to know about the Union Bank code is that it works with all phone types. Whether they are enabled for internet access or not. It also works on all Nigerian major telecommunications networks.

If you are using a GLO line, Airtel, 9Mobile or that of MTN, the code will be of a great help to you in accessing Union Bank services on your device.

Does Union Bank Code Require Airtime To Use?

No, Union Bank USSD Code does not require airtime to work. You can use it with or without call credits on your phone.

However, as a result of the new transaction policy between Nigerian banks and telecom companies, you may be charged about N6 from your bank account while using the code.

This service charge is per session. If you end a particular session and start another one, you will be charged the same N6 for that new one.

It has been like this since early 2021 and will continue to be like that until the banks finishing paying the huge debts they are owing telecom networks in Nigeria.

How To Use Union Bank USSD Code For Transactions In Nigeria

Would you like to learn how to buy Airtime, top up your data, transfer money, check your balance and so on, with Union Bank code?

Check out the following guidelines on how to do that.

How To Recharge Airtime And Data Using Union Bank USSD Code

You can load airtime of any amount with Union USSD banking code. Irrespective of the mobile network.

To do that, dial *826*Airtime Recharge Amount#.

You will be required to authenticate the transaction using your 4-digits PIN. Press the numbers on your Keypad and click on the Enter Key.

Instantly, you will get “Congratulations! Airtime Recharge successful” from your telecom network company.

That’s how to top up your airtime and data using your Union Bank USSD code.

How To Check Your Account Balance With Union Bank of Nigeria USSD Code

Do you want to know how much you have left in your Union Bank account? Simply dial *826*4# and authorize the transaction with your Union Bank USSD banking PIN.

Kindly note that you may be charged about N10 for this transaction. The service charge will be removed from the money you have left in your UBN account.

If you don’t want this charge to be applied to your account, you can use other alternatives like the Union Bank Mobile App to check your account balance.

The only thing that option requires a data connection on your line. As long as you have previously registered for the mobile banking service.

How To Transfer Funds Through Union Bank Code

You can use Union Bank mobile banking USSD code to send money to your family and friends anywhere in Nigeria.

To do just that, open your phone’s dialer and enter *826*1*TransferAmount*AccountNo#. This is for those that want to transfer funds from their Union Bank account to another Union Bank account.

If you want to transfer from your your Union Bank account to First Bank, UBA, Access, GTB or any other bank, dial *826*2*TransferAmount*AccountNo#.

After that, select the recipient bank from the many options displayed on your mobile phone’s screen. Then finalize the transaction by entering your authorization pin.

In less than 5 minutes, the money will be delivered to the receiving account. However if there’s a network glitch at the time of the transaction, it may take up to 24 hours before the value will reflect in their accounts.

If the money is still hanging or yet to drop after 24 hours, please contact the Union Bank customer care agents to help resolve the issue for you. You can reach them via phone call, email, Whatsapp or other social networking platforms.

How To Check Your Account Number Using Union Bank USSD Code

It is also possible to find out your account number through Union Bank code if you have forgotten it. That’s one of the many benefits the USSD banking service offers UBN customers.

To get your account number using Union Bank USSD Code, dial *826# and follow the instructions on your screen. This will show you your Savings or Current account number.

Ensure you copy it out or save it somewhere you can easily locate it in case you forgets it again.

Final Words On Union Bank USSD Code

We have revealed Union Bank USSD Code in this guide and how to use it to perform almost any financial transaction in Nigeria.

This is very helpful especially for people who desires to check their balance, top up Airtime or transfer money right from the comfort of their homes.

With the Union Bank code and the guidelines here, you can do all of these with ease.

If you have any question or comment concerning this topic, please feel free to share it with me through the comment section below.

I’ll respond to it immediately.

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