What to Know to Pass Sales Job Interview

What to Know to Pass Sales Job Interview
What to Know to Pass Sales Job Interview

In this article, various questions as well as different tips of answering such questions are highlighted. We will also discuss the ways of preparing for a sales job interview, What to Know to Pass Sales Job Interview etc. Before we dive straight to the top 5 interview questions and answers, let’s take a look at what job interview is all about.

A job interview is a form of interaction between a job applicant and a company’s interview representative. It is conducted by companies on the basis of knowing the capability of the applicant and to determine whether to employ or not. It is conducted know applicant’s qualifications, experience, and ability of handling a position.

Applicants are to ensure to give a very good account of themselves by providing an intelligent and convincing answers to the interview questions. This could be really challenging!

Well, Checkout the five sales job interview questions and answers below.

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How to Answer Sales Job Interview Questions

Remember that the interview is a sales job interview so you’ll have to sell yourself at the best possible price.

Before it’s your turn for the interview, put every form of fear aside and embrace courage. Put on a very nice look on your face and proceed with a simple smile. Never allow fear overcome you!

After you have successfully done this, now it’s time to go give a brilliant answer to every question. Here are the possible questions:

Check out 5 top sales job interview questions and Answers below:

  • What motivates you to sell?

This question is aimed at knowing your selling skill? Strategies you use in making sales and how you implement those skills. Depending on your reply, question like;

Are you motivated by pleasing your employers or co-workers, or being among the top performing sales rep or you want to achieve more goals?

An individual’s motivation varies and it’s personal. But if asked this question,

Are you motivated by pleasing your employer and other workers, or being among the highest performing sales reps or by achieving more goals?

My primary motivation is serving customers so that our company can solve problems they’re experiencing. Sales representatives help prospective clients to make an impact on the world. Our job is to establish a connection that can lead to a long-term symbiotic relationship.”

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  • Describe your Sales Experience

This is to know your sales background. How successful you have been in sales. Answer by highlighting some of your relevant sales experience; ones that shows why and how good you are.

Lay emphasis on your major achievements in the past. It involves stating impressive results on your past sale experience, give figures of what you achieved within certain period of time.

So from your interviewer perspective, they could judge by the experience that you’ll get better result with them. This will help your interviewer judge by your experience that you have the ability to create better impressive results to the company.

Typical Answer you can provide to this question:

“For the last three years, I have been working as a sales representative for Primely Goods, where I am responsible for over 50 accounts. I have taken significant time and effort to develop my customer relationships and currently have a 100% satisfaction rating. I have also consistently met or exceeded my sales goals. In fact, I won our team’s Top Performer of the Year award last year with over $120,000 in total sales. As your regional sales manager, I hope to pass on my work ethic and knowledge to my team to help them exceed their monthly sales goals.”

  • Tell me about a time you lost a sale

Your interviewer knows that losing sales is inevitable; that’s why you’re asked this question. The question demands stating what you have learnt from that loss and how you handle subsequent ones.

You can answer this question by explain why the loss occurred and what you learnt from it. How you have implement what you learnt into your subsequent sales.

  • Why do you want to work as a Sales Rep?

This question sounds easy to answer. You can say ‘because I like being a sales rep’. This answer is good but to some extent. The answer doesn’t say anything about why you’re unique for the job. So try including that in your answer.

If you have any real life experience that relates to it, you can merge them to boost your points. It could be how it all started, how you develop passion for being a sales rep, and the likes. Include success stories as well and every other thing you fee can make your response look good.

  • Why did you leave your last Job?

This is one the most asked question irrespective of the type of job. It’s quite tricky to answer but easy.

Why did you leave your last Job? It may be due to personal reasons; it could be the pay, job criteria, or working environment. If at all you’ll be giving any of your personal reason, remember not the tarnish the reputation of the company. Select your choice of words carefully and say anything negative about your last place of work.

Remember that your words could mean something different to your interviewer.

To answer this question intelligently, start by mentioning the positives of your pervious place of work then you state what your reasons are. You may also explain what you wish to have in your next job that the previous one doesn’t have. This includes the use of modern technology to aid better result, better responsibilities and the like.

Answering the question this way puts you in a good place for the job. 

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How to prepare for sales job Interview

  • Review the Job Description: Read and understand what the job is all about.
  • Identify your experience and skills: Identify your ability and capability; identify the experiences you have that you can use to answer related interview question.
  • Note your major achievements: On way or the other, you’ll be asked to state your major achievements. So note them so you won’t stutter when stating them. Stuttering means probably you’re framing those achievements.
  • Prepare your answers: After you have identified your experience and note your major achievements, prepare your answers. Highlight the strategies you’ll use in answering question; know what to say and when to say it.

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