Zenith Bank Loan Code And How To Borrow Money With It

Zenith Bank Loan Code

Have you been searching online for how to borrow money from zenith bank? You’re at the right place, this article reveals zenith bank loan code and how to borrow money with it without stress. Read on!

A lot of people still feel the after effect of the corona virus pandemic, people are no longer financially stable like the way they use to be, and as a result of this you might need an emergency fund to carter for one need or the other urgently.

Surprisingly, Zenith Bank now offers it’s customers loan to help them with their pressing needs and pay back at a given period of time. This loan offerings provide a fallback position to secure the funds you need at the moment.

What Is Zenith Bank Easy Loan Code?

Zenith loan code is a unique ussd code you can easily dial from your mobile phone that gives you access to borrow money from the bank. This code does not require a data connection, all you need is to be in a good network coverage area.

What Is Zenith Bank Salary Advance?

The Zenith bank salary advance is a digital loan facility offered by Zenith Bank and it comes with a relatively low-interest rate. They offer an interest rate of less than 5% and up to 60% of the borrower’s salary with an easy and flexible repayment option

Does Zenith Bank Gives Loan Only To Salary Earners?

Zenith Bank does not only give loan to salary earners they offer different varieties of loan, if you want to start up a business or need to pay up your school fees and you’re short of money you’re also eligible to apply for the loan.

But the eligibility for the loan depends on the inflow of funds to your account.

However, this article is focused on zenith bank salary advance loan. The different types of loan zenith bank offers its customers are listed below;

  • Zenith Salary Advance
  • Z Woman Business Package (SME LOANS)
  • MSME Loans
  • Retail Loans For Scheme
  • Education Loan
  • Creative Industry Financing Initiative (CIFI)
  • Overdraft
  • Timeless Loan
  • Receiving Discounting/Invoice Discounting
  • Lpo Finance
  • Import Finance Facility
  • Export Finance Facility
  • Term Loan
  • Lease
  • Bonds & Graduate

Note: The terms and conditions for each loan listed above is different, before applying for any of the loan. Read and accept the terms and conditions and note the loan tenor

Zenith Bank Loan Eligibility

Once all requirements set by the bank has been met, your loan request will be approved instantly. You need to be within the range of 18 – 60 years Old to qualify.

You also need to earn at least N10,000 per month as salary, and not have any existing loan with the bank or any other bank.

Here’s The Code To Borrow Money From Zenith Bank

The Zenith Bank USSD code to borrow money is *966#. This is the bank’s USSD code which is also used to carry out several transactions. You need to register before you can use the USSD banking service.

How To Borrow Money From Zenith Bank With Code

Follow the steps below to borrow money from zenith bank using USSD code

Step 1: Dial *966# from your mobile phone

Step 2: Navigate to borrow money, you’ll be required to input the last four digits of your ATM Card

Step 3: Authenticate and confirm the information provided then proceed

Step 4: Input and confirm your four digit pin. Then submit

You can also apply for loan using Zenith internet banking service, simply log on to their Official website on https://www.zenithbank.com/corporate-banking/loans-investment/#z-woman-business-package-sme-loans

How To Repay Your Zenith Bank Loan

Repaying your loan does not require any special steps. Just ensure that your account is properly funded then the bank will deduct their Money.


From time to time in life and business, we find ourselves in an emergency situation where we need money to meet certain pressing financial goal. Zenith bank in her own wisdom has developed a way to help its customers get through hard times.

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