Zenith Bank Transfer Code 2021 Without ATM Card On Phone [Updated]

Are you a new Zenith Bank customer, and need to transfer money as soon as possible but something is hindering you from doing so? You don’t know the Zenith Bank Transfer Code. I guess I’m right.

Or you are an existing customer and have forgotten the USSD code for Zenith bank mobile transfers? Sorry about that. But worry less. I’ll certainly tell you everything here.

Zenith bank transfer code

This transfer code can be used to initiate a USSD session, which can also include transfers. Without this code, you won’t be able to perform any cash wiring from your Zenith bank account to any bank account in Nigeria via USSD.

However, there is another means to do your transfers. You can decide to make use of the internet banking or your mobile banking app, or even the worst of all; by going to the recipient’s bank to stand in the long queues for money deposit.

But, have you thought about the cost? Don’t get me wrong, you won’t be charged extra for making your transfers via the internet, but how do you go about data costs?

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Is data the only Issue of Internet Banking?

Let’s even leave data out of it for a moment. Is your network connection strong enough to complete your transaction without any hitches or glitches? You could only boast of this if you are using a 3G/4G network. Meanwhile, that’s not all.

Moreover, making use if a USSD session for your transfers can be completed in 30 seconds, unlike using the internet banking medium.

Zenith Bank Transfer Code

But making use of a USSD session might also have its dark sides. For example if your mobile device with your registered Zenith GSM line is not with you, then you cannot initiate a transfer. However, you can still make your transfers via the internet.

I think this is the only edge the internet banking has over the USSD banking. But wait! Is it really an edge? We all know scammers are everywhere now, so it isn’t really a good idea to log in to your internet banking account with someone else’s phone.

As a result, I will be telling you the Zenith bank transfer code in the next subheading. However, there are other things you should know apart from the Zenith Bank transfer code.

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What is the Zenith Bank Transfer Code?

The Zenith Bank Transfer Code is *966*amount*account no#. This code can be used to transfer funds from Zenith bank to any commercial bank in Nigeria.

This code can work on any GSM phone be it an android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows. Note that it does not work on any Visafone device.

However, there is a criteria you must meet before you can make use of this Zenith Bank Transfer Code. Why not read this article till the end. You will find every piece of information in it very useful.

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Eligibility To Use The Zenith Bank Transfer Code?

Like I said earlier, there is a criteria, you must meet before you can be able to use the Zenith Bank Transfer Code. This is called the “Eligibility“. It includes;

  • You must be an active Zenith Bank Customer
  • Your GSM number must be linked to your Zenith Bank account
  • You must be a retail account holder(excluding domiciliary, ZECA, and Premium accounts).
  • Your mobile phone must be able to run a USSD session.
  • Lastly and most importantly, you must have registered on the *966#Eazybanking. The registration is very fast and simple. In fact, you don’t need to visit a Zenith bank branch to register, all you need is a GSM phone and your Zenith bank debit card.

Zenith Bank Transfer Code

As a bonus, I’ll teach you his to register for Zenith bank Eazy banking on your phone(smartphone, non smartphone, iOS, android, BlackBerry, Windows phones) here. Just follow these simple steps to do so;

  1. Using the mobile number linked to your Zenith Bank account(s), dial *966*00#
  2. You will be required to input the last 4 digits of your Zenith bank debit card(Visa or MasterCard).
  3. Crate a 4-digit PIN
  4. Thereafter, confirm the PIN by entering it again.
  5. As a confirmation for the registration success, you will receive a notification which reads “retrieving your balance
  6. Lastly, you will receive an SMS with the balance(s) of your account(s). And that’s it, you are now eligible to use the Zenith bank transfer code.
Note: This PIN you have created must be provided to complete future transactions. Without this PIN, no transaction on your mobile will be validated.

How to use the Code to transfer money to other banks

Be it a Zenith Bank or any other commercial bank in Nigeria, the same process is followed. Follow these simple steps to make your transfers from your Zenith Bank Account to any Bank in Nigeria;

  1. Making use of your Zenith Bank registered mobile phone number, Dial *966*amount*account no#
  2. Select recipient’s bank from the list which pops up. If you don’t find the destination bank there, enter the number which corresponds to “next“. Another bank list will appear
  3. After that, you will see a confirmation page showing beneficiary name, bank, and amount. Confirm it by entering your 4 digit PIN.
  4. If successful, a page will display ” You have successfully transferredamount” to “beneficiary account number”. Your new balance is ” amount“.

Benefits of the Zenith Bank Transfer Code.

The following are the benefits of using the Zenith bank transfer code;

  • You don’t need to visit the destination bank branch.
  • You will make use of your mobile phone.
  • All transactions are 100% secure, as they will require your 4 digit PIN
  • The whole process does not take up to 30 seconds.
  • It is absolutely free to register for the service.

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What are the daily limits on *966# EazyBanking?

This is a very good question. I’m pretty sure you have this question on your mind if you are currently reading this.

The daily transfer limit on *966#EazyBanking is a total sum of N100,000. Any other transfer related transaction exceeding this limit via this channel will not be successful.

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