DSTV Subscription Price 2021: All Packages Included

This article will reveal the DSTV Subscription Price in 2021 and how to subscribe to any package of your choice.

Has your DSTV subscription expired and you want to renew your subscription? Welcome, you have gotten to the right place where all your questions concerning the above topic will be answered.

DSTV Subscription Price

So many reasons could have brought you here. For instance, you might be a new member of the DSTV family or you aspire to be one. The first thing you should think of is the price. Probably, that’s why you’re here. Actually, We are glad you found us. Light will be shed on every hidden aspect of the topic.

You might have as well gotten some extra naira on your monthly salary, and you feel like upgrading your DSTV subscription at home to a higher package.

However, there might be a little problem, which is actually not a hindrance. You do not know the price of other DSTV packages asides the one you have been using for a long time.

In most cases, people forget how much they pay for their subscription after abandoning it for a while.

Therefore, if you are here and you belong to any of the aforementioned categories or a related one, continue reading as this article will disclose every needed information.

In addition, I will also teach you how to subscribe to any DSTV package of your choice. To clarify, I will state about 5 methods which you can use and complete the subscription process in less than 2 minutes.

DSTV Subscription Packages and Prices in Nigeria

Different DSTV packages have their individual prices. Therefore, there isn’t a fixed price for subscription. So, I will be listing the different DSTV Packages.

But, just so you know, there are only 9 DSTV Packages at the time this article was published. They include;

1. DSTV French Touch.

Price: N1510 per month

French touch


  • Over 10 TV Channels
  • Great Entertainment
  • Watch all your favourite programmes, movies & sports.

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2. DSTV Padi.

Price: N1,850 per month



  • Over 40 TV & Audio Channels
  • Watch HD Channels
  • TV Guide

3. DSTV Yanga.

Price: N2,565 per month



  • Over 94 TV & Audio Channels
  • TV Guide
  • Watch HD Channels

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4. DSTV Confam.

Price: N4,615 per month



  • Over 120 TV & Audio Channels
  • HD capability
  • Latest Movies
  • Live Sports Coverage

5. DSTV Indian.

Price: N5,540 per month

DSTV Subscription Price


  • Over 15 TV and Audio Channels
  • Available as a STAND-ALONE and ADD-ON to an existing Package
  • New Indian Channel: Star Vijay, Star Plus, & Colours.

6. DSTV French Plus.

Price: N6,520 per month

DSTV Subscription Price


  • Over 15 TV Channels
  • Gray Entertainment
  • Watch all your favourite programmes, movies & sports

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7. DSTV Compact.

Price: N6,975 per month

DSTV Subscription Price


  • Over 135 TV & Audio Channels
  • Wide range of programmes
  • Local & International football in HD
  • Amazing Entertainment Channels

8. DSTV Compact Plus.

Price: N10,925 per month

Compact plus


  • Over 155 TV & Audio Channels
  • Best Local & International Channels
  • Watch online with the My DSTV Now App
  • Manage account remotely & Fix errors on mobile

9. DSTV Premium.

Price: N16,200 per month

DSTV premium


  • Over 175 TV & Audio Channels
  • Latest Movies
  • Live Sports Coverage
  • Free Showmax
  • HD Capability

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How to Subscribe To Dstv in Nigeria

Since you already know the price of all DSTV subscription Packages, the next thing is to choose a payment option to subscribe for your favourite package. The aymebt options are;

  1. Internet Banking.
  2. USSD
  3. My DSTV App
  4. ATM
  5. Bank Payments
  6. POS
  7. Payment at a DSTV store/centre

1. Internet Banking.

This method allows you to pay for your DSTV Subscription making use of your debit card. It is one of the fastest methods. It contains a variety of options like Paga E-Pay, QuickTeller, Global Pay, Pay U, eazymoney, payarena etc.

Follow this procedure to pay for your subscription via this method;

  1. Visit eazy.dstv.com 
  2. Login to your DSTV account
  3. Select your preferred option and follow the on-screen prompts.

2. USSD.

This is the fastest method to use for your DSTV Subscription payment. Most importantly, you can do it at the comfort of your home. You certainly do not need to go out of your house or your location.

To pay for your DSTV via USSD , follow this procedure;

  1. On the phone number linked to your bank account, dial *389*9*smartcard no#
  2. Follow the on-screen prompts

3. My DSTV App.

This method is also very easy to use. Although it requires a data connection. In fact the DSTV subscription price here might be cheaper.

To pay for your DSTV subscription, via the My DSTV App, follow the simple procedure below;

  1. Go to the Google Play Store or the iOS app store
  2. Download the My DSTV app
  3. Login to your account.
  4. Select your preferred package and proceed with payment

4. ATM.

To pay for you DSTV subscription via Automated Teller Machine(ATM), Follow this procedure;

  1. Go to any ATM outlet
  2. Insert your ATM card
  3. Input your PIN
  4. Select “PAY BILLS” from the screen options
  5. Choose account type (Savings or Current).
  6. Select DSTV
  7. Select your preferred DSTV Package
  8. Enter your smart Card number and ACCEPT.

5. Bank Payments.

With this, you can pay via your internet banking, USSD or mobile banking app to pay for your DSTV subscription.

If you wish to use the POS or DSTV walk-in centre, there is no need to learn any procedure. On getting to  POS centre, hand them your card and tell them what you want to do.

Similarly, you don’t need any procedure if you are going to a DSTV Centre. However, you must ensure you have your smart card number within reach.

NOTE: When making payment via any method, always make sure your decoder is switched on before, during and after the transaction. This is to make sure your viewing is not delayed at all.

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Conclusion Dstv Price in Nigeria

However, if after payment and your viewing is not enabled, then text RA followed by the first 10 digits of your smartcard number to 30333.

For example, if the first 10 digits of your smart card number is 1234567890, then send RA1234567890 to 30333.

We believe you have now known the DSTV Subscription Price. Well, you got a bonus too! We also told you the various subscription methods and how to use them.

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