GTBank Internet Banking 2021 | Make Transactions Online On Phone

This post will introduce and explain everything about the GTBank Internet Banking 2021 service to you. It will give you a detailed information on how to login to your internet banking account.

The Guaranty Trust Bank launched an internet banking service to allow her customers perform a large number of transactions online from the comfort of their homes.

Gtbank internet banking

With this service, customers do not need to go to gtbank branches for their daily transactions, when 90% of these transactions can be performed conveniently making use of their mobile phone, with an internet connection.

Like I said in the previous paragraph, you can only perform approximately 90% of your bank transactions online. Obviously, this means that you cannot perform all bank transactions via the gtbank internet banking services.

This new technology gives you access to all your Guaranty Trust Bank accounts, and gives you the opportunity to conveniently manage your finances and bank anytime and anywhere.

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Features of the GTBank Internet Banking Service

The internet banking service has a lot of features which makes it very unique and different from to others. These features are the services that you can perform via the online banking system. They include:

1. Payment for US Visa

The gtb internet banking allows you to pay for your US Visa application fee, without having to step out of your current location.

2. Transfer of funds

Using the online banking, you van transfer funds from your GTBank account (either current or savings) to any other GTBank account or to other banks.

This transaction can be performed very fast and without stress as long as you have a good internet connection.

3. Checking of account balance

This service also gives you the opportunity to conveniently check your account balance and monitor all transactions.

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4. Check and print your account statement

At the and of every month, you can check and print your account statement with your phone, without going to a GTBank branch. Isn’t that awesome? Of course, it is!

This gtb internet banking service has made banking so much easier and faster.

5. Payment of Utility bills

Payment of utility bills like; your cable TV subscriptions, PHCN bills and the likes can be made with the GTBank internet service.

You can also purchase airtime and data with the service.

6. Booking of flight tickets

You can also book flight tickets of some airlines like;

  • British airways/airlines
  • Alitalia airlines
  • Lufthansa German airlines
  • Delta airlines and
  • Avia reps-Afriqiyah airways.

Everyone will surely love to book flight tickets with this service.

7. Transfer of foreign currencies

To transfer foreign currencies, you must have a domiciliary account. A GTBank domiciliary account allows you to transfer foreign currencies like dollars, pounds and Euro to anyone anywhere in the world.

8. You can also change your password and update your personal details.

9. You can also request for cheque book, confirm and stop a cheque.

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What do I need to start GTBank online banking?

To access the services available in the GTBank internet banking, you must;

  • have your User ID and password.
  • have an active internet connection.

However, not everyone knows about the User ID or password, so I will explain how to obtain yours here. Follow these steps;

  • During the time you were opening your GTBank account, your User ID and password should have been sent to your registered email address.
  • If you have not gotten yours, visit
  • Click on the internet banking tab, then subsequently, click on the “register” button.
  • Similarly, you can just dial *737*6*5# from your registered GTBank mobile number.
  • You are advised to change your password, within two hours of receiving your details. Read this post to the end to learn how to change your default password.

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How do I login to Gtbank Internet banking account?

If you gave successfully gotten your internet banking details, the next thing is to login to your account and perform major transactions. Follow this procedure to login now.

  1. Access the internet banking login page here
  2. Enter your username which can be your User ID, account number, email address or registered phone number, and password in the required spaces.
  3. Then click on login.
  4. You automatically get logged into your account and get unlimited access to all the available services.

GTBank internet banking

Benefits of GTB Online Banking

The benefits of the GTBank internet banking service include:

  • easy and unlimited access to your accounts from anywhere in the world at anytime.
  • 100% security for all your internet transactions.
  • convenience in conducting banking transactions.
  • effective, cheaper and easier method for GTBank customers to communicate with the bank.
  • easy and unlimited access to bank information and products.

Remember I said earlier that you have to change your password within 2 hours of receiving your gtbank internet banking login details. You can also change your current password at anytime you feel like.

This procedure will be helpful.

  • Login to your account with your User ID and current password or default password (if it is your first time).
  • Click on the “self-service” link on the navigation bar.
  • Click on the “change your password menu.
  • Enter your default or current password, then subsequently, input a new password.
  • Re-input the new password.
  • Click on the ” submit” button.
  • You will receive a message to confirm if the change was successful.

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